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Today’s story is about Ana Ularu. She started her acting career back in 1995 and she never stopped since. Throughout her acting life  she developed an attitude of freedom, confidence and power which formed her as one of the most successful and awarded actress in the country. She’s making her mark in Hollywood with her perseverance and passion while she’s having the opportunity to work with some of the best actors in the business. Ana, thank you for your sincere thoughts.

Tell us a few words about your upbringing.
I always say I grew up with the circus. Both of my parents are artists, production designers to be more specific, although my father is also a painter and my mom an architect. We are the enclave that broke away from a rather conservative “normal” tradition, living our lives regardless of the day/night sequence, travelling, loving our work and immersing ourselves fully in it and suffering for the most ineffable events. Otherwise I was always a bit of a what you might call nerdy child, very sensitive and that never took a turn for the better as I grew up, which is both a blessing and the opposite of one.

Could you tell us about your very first movie?
I was 9, I learned the pages I had to audition with in French, went in and fortunately got it. I knew very little French at the time and I hate not knowing things so the experience in itself spurred me on to take lessons. I had always wanted to be an actor and I believe this first film, Meurtres par Procuration where I played the lead’s daughter, was the initial love-bug bite for acting and a life path, more than just a child’s dream.

What was the most challenging at the beginning of your career?
Things have always been and stayed challenging and I find that to be beautiful. Since I’ve never been hired in an institution, part of a company – I’m the poster child for freelancing, I never truly got comfortable.  Staying hungry, on the prowl, like a young wolf, never turning self-satisfied or resting on your laurels because of the applause you get. I never think to be entitled to anything, I’ve to continue improving my craft and expanding my mind.

How much of yourself is in the characters you play?
Well, they look and sound like me most of the time. 🙂 I’d always rather start from what differentiates me from them rather than bringing too much of myself in. This living vicariously is what makes the job interesting.

Do you have a certain philosophy when you’re acting?
Turn up on time or better, 30 minutes before. Life’s tremolos need not go up with you on stage or screen. Know all that you have to do and know about reading a room. Always have humour. Be kind.

How do you see yourself now in comparison with your own early experiences?
I’ve become a lot less afraid. I’ve expanded my sense of play, my need to change my appearance, to juggle with imagination’s gifts. Less stuck up, that’s for sure. And the more I grow up, the more idiotic humour I seem to develop, so win-win.

What is the most satisfying part of  acting in such important movies?
Having work. That’s what all actors want – to try things out, to reach an audience, to discover the world and themselves through what they do. And I get to meet wonderful people. Truly amazing soul comrades from everywhere in the world.

What’s your dream for your career in the future, what’s next for you?
More work. I never want to quit theatre, it’s the lifeblood of what we do. I’ll let you know as soon as things pop up. 🙂 Just wrapped a film yesterday, Jaume Balaguero’s “Muse” and will soon premiere Justin Edgar’s “The Marker”.

When you’re not acting, what do prefer doing?
Reading, watching movies, walking over 20 kilometres a day and seeing my friends. I truly love the company of those close to me, it nourishes and heals.

Do you have a favourite place in Bucharest?
Quite a few, Most recently, all the area around Calea Victoriei, Piata Amzei, where my favourite theatre that I always dreamed playing in happens to be.

by Dana Chels


Published by Diana Enciu

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