What makes a woman Unique? Fabulous? Beautiful? Strong! The fact that she represents all this and even more. Feeling and (actually being) amazing it’s a mind setup and an easy achievement if we know all the little secrets. A sexy dress, super sexy shoes, some lace and of course, red lipstick. We always feel more powerful when we put on red lipstick. And when we were asked to try Rouge Interdit from Givenchy, we had that feeling that it`s not only a lipstick, but a weapon of seduction. There are so many red lipsticks, but this one is special indeed. From the packaging to high-impact colour, long lasting, satin finish, its smell, the creamy texture… this lipstick is like that fabulous women that has it all. It drives you crazy, makes you loose sense and makes you feel beautiful. You will be noticed for sure. You will be there and you’ll leave your mark… Rouge Interdit is the perfect lipstick for every circumstance. It is available in a palette of 24 deep unique colours for a saturated, luminous make up result. 24 (one for every hour of the day)  high-impact colours and an enigmatic shade that reveals the beauty of the lips more than ever before.

Only Givenchy uses black rose oil, this rare extract that has peerless moisturising powers. It also stimulates lipid synthesis to help the lips recover hydratation and comfort. After we used this lipstick our mouths were soft as a petal. From a passionate burgundy to a vibrantly dark purple, bold red and brazen brown, Rouge Interdit‘s colour palette is made up of shades that vie with one another in their intensity and luminosity.

Our favorite shades are Rouge Interdit No.13 that is a beautiful red, a bright radiant crimson and Rouge Revelateur that is in fact the 25th shade in the Rouge Interdit pallete. Why no25? Because it combines no.13 and Noir Revelateur in equal parts. But don’t panic. The result is a fabulous intense red colour, that reacts instantly to the PH of the lips adapting to every skin type. It’s like magic in a lipstick. A custom lipstick for a result that is always unique, always  different.

Our story with Rouge Interdit was intense, sexy and powerful. You are also a part of it! Since you followed us to our secret room, you found the answer to our confidence and beauty. Don’t forget to tell your friends about your discovery.

Reveal the secret! #IWasHere #GivenchyBeauty #SephoraRomania

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Location: Grand Hotel Continental



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