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If you want to spend all your savings on a holiday, go on a trip with your lover or just a getaway with your best friends, Venice is the perfect destination. We`ve been there and we loved it, that`s why we share 10 things that will convince you to go there and have the best Venice experience. We can`t wait to go back again! If you need more tips, read our article in Glamour Romania magazine.
1.     When you`re on holiday you have to  be relaxed and  spoiled in every way possible. That`s  why we  recommend you to stay in hotels that are really comfortable, quiet and  speak about the tradition and the history of the place you want to visit. In Venice, Sina Palazzo Sant` Angelo is the perfect choice. We have to say, the view is absolutely stunning, the rooms are perfectly clean, luxurious and you can feel the italian vibe as soon as you enter.

2.     If you go to Venice you have to visit Piazza San Marco. It`s a must. We tell you, this place is almost never empty. But because we always share with you our secrets, if you get there in the morning, you might  get some really nice shots because is the perfect background for your pictures.

3.     We stay in this area and we assure you that you need to see the Basilica di San Marco. The historical cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archidiocese of Venice, has beautiful and well structured architecture, is a perfect example of the Italian architecture and it is the most famous of the city`s churches.

4.     If you go there with your lover, you must kiss on the Ponte dei Sospiri. The legend says that if you kiss under the bridge while you are in a  gondola  you`ll have eternal love. It is worth taking the chance. And if you go there with your best friends, well, you can always find someone to kiss. Just saying.

5.     Speaking of which, you need to take a  gondola ride. It is not that expensive and is a thing you have to do while in Venice. It`s romantic, beautiful, unique, relaxing and if you hear some italian music from the street singers, you`ll feel like you`re in the perfect scene of a movie. 6.     Visit Burano and Murano! If you have to choose, we`d say Burano, it is known for its small, brightly painted houses. What we find really interesting is that if you want to paint your home, in  Burano, you must  send a request to the government, who will notice you of the certain colours permitted for that lot, because the colours of the houses follow a specific pattern originating from the golden age. That`s why they look so perfect and happy! And make sure you explore all the little roads. Those are the best ones.

7.     If you`re interesting in the art of Murano making, go to Murano, the glass island of Venice. You can watch glass making demonstrations, buy them as souvenirs, visit the glass factories and visit glass museum, more specific, Museo del Vetro. This place and its creations, are just out of this world.

8.     Eat gelato! It`s just amazing. It`s tasty, delicious, has every colour and every flavour  you like and it makes your day sweeter. The perfect treat. Try Alaska gelato, is the best. We couldn`t get enough of it.

9.     As we like to make our lives a living art, some inspiration is always welcomed. Especially when is from the bohemian, Peggy Guggenheim. Her art collection is located in the  Palazzo Venier Dei  Leoni. You have to go and visit this artistic pieces, they are candy for the eye.

10.     We had to mention the food, because we all know how amazing the Italian cousine is. Pizza, spaghetti, ravioli, you`ll find them all in the restaurants of Venice. Gatto Nero is one of our favourite. And if you like coffee and want to be a little more light, go to Cafe Florian, Alla Madonna or Harry`s Bar.


FOTO: Andreea Bogdan
EDIT: Tibi Vintur
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