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Warm days of spring are one of the reasons to go out more in the city. While traipsing Paris we discovered some really zen places were we charged our souls with beauty and calmness. Parc Monceau and Parc Bagatelle are two of our favorite parks in Paris. But beside these zen places, this spring Paris is overflowing with cute new cafés and delicious restaurant. We gathered for you a few places that excel in offering a great service, food, design and a delightful atmosphere. All of the location of Big Mamma are on our recommended list. Maybe culinarily speaking there’s not much changing from one place to another. The €€ may vary a bit. In every location they make the best pizza in Paris. But there’s something more attractive than food for us: It’s the interiors, the decoration, the style of the place, the created in each place an amazing atmosphere. They excel at everything. Their newest place: Pizzeria Popolare / 111 Rue Réaumur , 75002 / Horaire: 11:45AM–2:15PM, 7–10:30. Tip: go 30 mn before they open. You’ll avoid the queue.Le Comptoir Général is a treasure corner. I adore the atmosphere and the setting. Beside the coffee or the lunch, the enormous place gathers a varied mix of stylings. / 80, quai  de Jemmapes. Tip: For a fun evening go around 19h

We drink coffee. Lots of. We tried many places. Lots of them have regular coffee or just good coffee. But we found that one place with simply amazing coffee. If we say it’s a corner of paradise maybe it sounds cheesy. But litteraly it’s the cutest coffee place – Boot Café. / 19 Rue du Pont aux Choux.

For coffee, books and fashion we recommend: La librairie Sezanne. An eclectic interior design, archi desirable  bags and a varied selection of gallimard books. / 3 Rue Saint Fiacre Tip: For the rest of Sezanne’s collection you have the Appartement just one door away

Speaking of a  beautiful atmosphere and a miriad of books, there is one place called Merci used book coffee! There’s always impeccable service, delicious food and delightful atmosphere. / 111, Bd. Beaumarchais, 75003

And since it’s spring and we feel the need of rather heathy choices Klay Restaurant Club is the spot for that. Chef Remi Poulain selected a few but balanced ingredients that make a light& healthy menu. / 4 bis Rue Saint SauveurOne of the most cool instagramed thing and the visually trigger for craving food this season is: the avocado toast. Of course, you can do them home as many time as you wish. But they will never taste and look as good as at: Fragments. / 76 rue des tournelles / Horaire: weekdays : 8am to 6pm, weekends : 10am to 6pm
Tip: take cash with you.

   FOTO: Bogdan Dragot
Outfits: Maria Lucia Hohan Dresses, TriaAlfa Earrings, Fandacsia Hat,
Gucci Belts, Zara Silver Sandals, Topshop Boots



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