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Romance, fashion, amazing places and so much croissants! We looove Paris to the moon and back. Our little getaway to this amazing city was one of our greatest experiences. Actually, all of our trips to Paris were magical, because you know, Paris is always a good idea. Enough with the rambling, let`s get to the real facts! We had so much fun and we were so lucky that we had something that could capture all of this moments. Canon was our best friend in Paris.
We took some fabulous shots and the best part was that we could share it with you so quickly because of its super wi-fi that connected to our phones. Quick, efficient, fabulous. And now, our instagram feed is so frenchy and chic. Seriously, this feature that Canon has, is amazing! We take pictures all the time and we can`t have a photographer with us and we don`t always have the best lighting for taking pictures with our phones. So to take some professional and gorgeous looking pictures and have the possibility to post them right away, was AH-maizing!
We stayed at two awesome hotels, Hotel de Nell and Hotel Vernet. They have amazing views, maybe the most relaxing bathtubs in the world, beautiful architecture and french breakfast in bed. Uh, we crave those pastries. And because we brought up food in this, Restaurant George V has a really well designed menu for healthy people that love mediterranean cuisine and fresh meals. Also L`oiseau Blanc Rooftop Restaurant from The Peninsula Hotel, is absolutely breathtaking. Apart from the super tasty and yummy food, the view is gorgeous. You can see the Eiffel Tower from here while you`re relaxing and taking your brunch or your dinner. We obviously took some great pictures with our CanonEOSM5. When we had some free time -because we`re actually always working on something wherever we go- we took some long walks in the park. Paris, we have to confess. You have the most beautiful cherry blossoms trees ever! We couldn`t get enough of your pastel colors. We love your coffee shops too. The little ones with pretty tables outside, where you can enjoy your morning like nowhere else in a buzzing atmosphere. We felt like we were in a really nice and fancy french film. And what would be a trip to Paris without going to Laduree? Macarons, coffee, tea and…macarons! They are so good and nobody makes them as Laduree. You know, they have the best recipe. All the flavours and colors, we wanted to buy them all. Or if you need some other options, you have them below: This part is one of our favourite.We were so excited to see the Foundation of Louis Vuitton. This place is out of this world. The architecture is absolutely stunning and the gallery outstanding. Art in Paris in the way that just Louis Vuitton makes it. This place was soul food to us. If you have the chance, go and visit it without a doubt! By the way, don`t forget to bring your Canon with you, you`ll have what to capture. With all this being said, Paris is always…the best idea. We finally relaxed for a few days and it was so worth it. We recommend this to you too! Because we want to go back so bad!

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