Spring is finally here and we`re so excited to play with the new trends and put together nice outfits.  And by Spring we mean that we finally have warm weather. The nicest weather of all year round, supported by the beautiful cherry blossoms. And by trends, we want to say that this  year we have a whole lot of choices from where we can choose our favorite ones for us for you, of course . Because, you guys know, what happens on catwalks, it has to happen on our closets too.

A lot of people ask us if we ever get tired of clothes. Well, no, this is what keeps us inspired, the new collections. This and the kind weather, of course. We`re honored when brands want to work with us and  they  trust our visions and love our concept.
With that being said, we were so excited when MOHITO invited us  to their new series #MOHITOGIRLS. Series that  presents  inspiring women from Europe. We choose some of their new pieces and we have to say, they were really easy to style because all of them were chic and trendy. Nice pastel colors, (you can see the bubble gum pink suit the light blue one), beautiful embellishment with flowers accents (it`s all about the flowers this season) and the clothes were really nice structured and fit the body perfectly (and this is very important).
With Mohito, you can dress it up or dress it down. It`s really easy to transform a casual outfit to  a `we`re going to a party tonight` outfit. For exemple we`ll get the light blue suit. You`re gonna say ` who wears a suit and feels comfortable and casual?`. We do! You just have to take a white t-shirt, some nice sneakers, a cross body bag and maybe a straw hat and you`re ready for a sunny day. And for the night,  remove  your t-shirt, close the blazer and creat a  V low-cut neck, put some high heels and a sparkly, nice chocker and you`re good to go.
That`s what we love,  we like to mix trends and play with them in the most creative ways. And clothes that allow us to mix them up so easily and inspire us are so welcomed!

Outfit: MOHITO
FOTO: Iuliana Popescu 




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