The Givenchy Experience

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A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to go to Paris and meet the amazing make up artist, Nicolas Degennes and to see the next make up collection of Givenchy and a new innovative mascara, Noir Interdit. This experience made a lot of changes in our daily make up routine. So let us tell you all that we learned.

First of all, the new collection is perfection. We tried their great innovation, the first Givenchy mascara with bendable brush that can reach a perfect angle for optimum application, paired with next-generation black pigments for extreme volume and length. A lot of work was put in this technique, but they never stopped until it was what  Nicolas wanted. You know, great things take time. The coolest part of this mascara, it has to be the brush. A really nice brush that bends at 90° in order to curl all of your lashes and also it  helps you to achieve that volume boost and length effect. It`s so easy to apply  and the result is stunning. The packaging screams and confirms elegance and uniqueness, something  the House of Givenchy always expressed. It`s inspired by Rouge Interdit and Rouge Interdit Vinyl lipsticks, which we also  tried and we love now. Boldness is part of Givenchy Le MakeUp and no one embodies this better than its artistic director, Nicolas Degennes, whose watchwords are freedom, technicity and inventiveness.We met him and we have to say, he is a great and kind person, very hardworking, passionate and a perfectionist. He worked on this project for 2 years, he wanted every detail to be perfect and so it is. He gloriously succeeded.  He is always one step ahead everyone and he`s actually  working on great things that will come in 2019 and 2020. We can`t wait! We  ended everything  with a lovely Givenchy dinner where we chat  with some beautiful people and found out more  about  what makes a make up perfect. Overall our experience in Paris with Givenchy was unbelievable! Hope you enjoyed our little story and don`t forget to try the mascara Noir Interdit, is a game changer.

All the make-up and skincare products by Givenchy are available only and exclusively in Sephora.

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    Great post and photos!

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