Like a breeze of freedom, LES BEIGES has made natural a style in itself. Inspired by the singular light that shines on fresh skin, this healthy glow has broken away from the rhythm of fashions and seasons to adopt outdoor beauty all year round. It’s time to take a moment for yourself, regardless of the hour, to free yourself from the diktats of day and night. A break to give a second wind to your complexion and your mood. Today, LES BEIGES expands with three new products, as intuitive and on-the- go as ever, to set your watch to the beige hour whenever you wish.


On-the-go. Ergonomic. Intuitive. LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW GEL TOUCH FOUNDATION concentrates several technological innovations in a single case to make a natural complexion even easier to achieve. To make this possible, CHANEL Research developed an unprecedented aqua-gel foundation. This jelli ed, aqueous emulsion is unbelievably lightweight, offering an immediate sensation of freshness, while visibly embellishing the skin. An instant twofold effect to enjoy as often as you wish, as it never weighs down the complexion: its ultra- ne texture can be used on bare skin or over existing makeup for touch-ups.



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