This year we`ll have a Summer of Love. Tommy Hilfiger predicted this with his newest collection. The Spring/Summer 2017 womenswear collection celebrates 1960s love and liberation with a modern-day twist. The signature look is about joy and free-spirited optimism, it’s a new take on flower power for today’s generation. We cannot wait for those really hot days at the beach and perfect, warm evenings. As you may have noticed, we love to play with prints and textures and always try to add foreign elements to our individual style when we choose  our outfits. And as a matter of fact, this collection goes hand-in-hand with our imagination when it comes to fashion. Washed denim patchworks, sun-washed palettes and utilitarian details, you`ll find them all here. The key pieces of the collection, are inspired by the carefree beaches of Southern California, with liberty prints, contrast piping, heritage fabrics and playful paisleys. It’s a relaxed, sporty take on American classics with a playful fashion edge, a concept that we have a crush on at this moment. The `60s inspired dresses are perfect for those beachy waves that we all enjoy in the summer time. The lacey details and the really nice materials, as chiffon brings a romantic vibe to the outfit. The colours are pastel shades with a retro twist of magenta purple and red clay. And we could not mention the Tommy signature, his  navy contrasts. “Traditional rules of style are fading away, and people want clothes that feel easy and relaxed.” We couldn`t agree more. He brought the `60s back and recreated the trends with a present inspiration and we enjoy every piece of the collection. We know you`ll like it too, so keep in mind that the collection is available in the Tommy Hilfiger store from Bucuresti Mall. Good luck not spending all of your money in there!

    Foto: www.fashionbooks.ro
utfits: Tommy Hilfiger
Sunglasses: Spektre



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