Last night, at Philips TV Launch Event, we found out that Philips’ televisions actually Looks Better. Elegant, sober, sustainable and finesse seems to be Philips’ TV consumers’ key words. And we agree. The new Philips TV 2017 collection offers an enhanced Ambilight experience, immersing viewers in an unprecedented colour explosion. Numerous scientific studies have proved the effects of colours on the individual mood. Therefore, Philips TV introduces a colour chart about the psychological effects of colour. “People can discern up to 10 million different colours”, says Chief Designer for Philips Rod White. “We know that each colour has a specific effect on our brain and impacts our mood accordingly. Red for example increases energy levels and is emotionally arousing. Purple conversely puts people in a more sleepy state of mind, while yellow is emotionally uplifting. Now imagine the total impact of these colours being displayed on your TV screen and further enhanced by our Ambilight technology, it’s a hugely immersive experience for the user.” New design: need for elegant sobriety The new Philips TV 2017 collection further displays a renewed, refined, European design. The razor thin display, the extremely tight overall dimensions and highly finessed coming together of parts, are hallmarks of Philips’ ‘visual lightness’ design philosophy, allowing a near seamless connection to the three-sided Ambilight technology. And if you wanna find out more about their new products, you can always access Philips TV Looks better.

Location: Palazzo Argentina



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