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Confidence is the best and most important thing that you can wear.  From a young age we`re puppets of society,  they tell us how to behave, how to speak, how to walk, how to dress, how to cut our hair, what size our jeans should be, how many packs on our abs we have to have in order to fit in and the list goes on and on.  Don`t think that this is another post from a fashion blog that talks about body shaming. No, this is just a reminder, who tells you that perfection does not exists among our nature. We all have our issues, we all have our bad moments, we`re not perfect and we don`t have to be. Confidence masks them all. No matter what insecurities you have, don`t show them, you just gotta make your presence as powerful as it can be.  You can show how confident you are from the way you talk to the way you wear your clothes.
So much can be expressed from your personal style, just get to know your body and embrace its natural shapes. It may sound superficial, but fashion helped us to overcome our insecurities and love our bodies more, because we all have those days too. You don`t have to wear the trendiest pieces if they don`t suit you, clothes are the best at hiding your flaws. Here are some tips that we picked up through the last years.Always take advantage of your qualities

You have long legs? Show them off. A really nice waist? Wear crop tops. Highlight your best qualities, because that`s  how you manipulate people to notice them. Oh, and never talk about what you hate on yourself, we`re sure that they won`t notice if you don`t show them. We all tend to excuse ourselves for the things we do not like about ourselves. Discover your style

Discover your style signature and create outfits that match your vision and who you really are, and most important, what suits you best. It is sad that trends are NOT for everybody because nothing fits all body types, but guess what wherever you’ll go, in every shop you’ll go, everything is about trends. You just have to find the ones that look great on you, maybe add something that will change them and make more personal.  Comfortable is always the best choice

If you`re not comfortable, you don`t feel good and everyone will see that. It`s not just about the comfort of a pair of high heels, is about how clothing makes you feel. So if there`s a pair of some really nice culottes or a nice handmade embroidered jacket that you really fancy but you don`t know how to wear it because it does not really match your style, stop thinking about it. Some clothes are just better when other people wear them. And this guides us to the next tip.You wear the clothes, not the other way around

We came back from where we left. Fashion can often be overwhelming and intimidating, we all learned that at some point. But these days you can barely wear anything if you wear it  in the right way and that`s when confidence breaks in.  Create your style, mix pieces that enhance your body type and feel good in your own skin. If you feel that, you`re doing a great job.

Foto: Anca Cheregi
Outfits: Maria Lucia Hohan Dresses, Fandacsia Hats, Gucci Belt, Sam Edelman Black Platforms, ViaVela14 Flats


Published by Diana Enciu
  • Ewa Macherowska

    Love this post <3

  • Emilia Stark

    Along with body dress it is also the use of make up accessories which makes you beautiful and adorable, especially women love her hair and I like the hair styles, the way the beauty products applied to the hairs I think it is necessary not only to become beautiful but also healthy hairs keep life style stylish.

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