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If you love Paris as much as we do and you`re looking for a nice and comfy place to stay, we have  the solution. Hotel de Nell is one of our favorites in Paris. When Charm & More decided to create a hotel of discreet luxury with top-end amenities and service, all in a chic, relaxed atmosphere, they brought together the talents that could turn that dream to reality: Jean-Michel Wilmotte for the design, Bruno Doucet for the restaurant and a team from the luxury hospitality industry for the services. This is the place where comfort meets beauty and luxury. We stayed here multiple times, the view is stunning, the rooms are clean and nice designed and if you want, you can stay in their suite if it`s a big happy family trip. One thing that we really enjoyed after those long days of walking and shooting on the romantic and fabulous streets of Paris, was that fresh bathroom with the amazing bathtub, where you can drink a glass of champagne or some fine wine and read a good book and relax `till you forget about yourself. So if you get to Paris, come to Hotell de Nell, it will make your Paris experience more authentic. The Hôtel de Nell is much more than comfort. It’s a state of being. A lot more people stayed here besides us, especially bloggers  and they had the exact same opinion. Take a look.

Morning glory! @hoteldenell #fabulousmuses #fabuloasele #morningvibes

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TOP Paris Hotel @hoteldenell ???? by @fabmuse_diana • #topparishotels Look at the featured location for a TOP Stay in Paris #communityfirst

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The best bathtub in the world @hoteldenell #hoteldenell #fabulousmuses #fabuloasele #CanonEOSM5 #CanonMirrorless

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In the middle of the day I do this #relax • #fabulousmuses #fabuloasele #CanonEOSM5 #canonmirrorlesscamera #hoteldenell #CanonMirrorless

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Good morning ♡ Breakfast with my ???? at the @hoteldenell .

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Снов ????

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Здравствуй, Париж ???? Давно не виделись, правда?

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Enjoying the morning sun from our French balcony at @hoteldenell #hoteldenell #paris

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