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Handbags. Our favorite accessories. Collecting handbags is not that easy, especially when it comes to designer bags. What is the perfect choice when you`re on a budget? What colour you should get? What size? You have to think all this through in order to make the best decision. Or sometimes you just go for it because you know, treat yourself from time to time.  But we encourage  the well balanced purchases.
So today we`re talking about some of our favorite designer handbags. We have all shapes that you must have in your collection. Let`s start with mini ones. Perfect for going out or for everyday wear. We suggest to buy them in pop up colours because they are really easy to style and they can transform any outfit in a fabulous one. You can see the Valentino ones with studs and the Marni one in a really nice colour combination.  The backpack is so versatile. You can almost take it everywhere, except nights out or really fancy events, ofc, but  they are the pieces that you can perfectly dress it up or dress it down. We’ve chosen a really nice Chloe backpack. Isn`t it stunning?The everyday bags. They have to be good quality, in a neutral colour because let`s face it, those are the bags  we carry our entire life. Prada has some really nice structured and designed pieces. As well as the Saint Laurent one, the black basic bag that goes with everything!  You have to check them out.

You can find them all on, is our website of choice when it comes to luxury and  we want to splurge on something!

Foto: Andreea Bogdan


Published by Diana Enciu
  • Andreea

    The Marni bag is definitely my favorite one <3

  • Sarah

    I loved this collection. Valentino with studs is definitely the best one. I just want to know more about the material and dimensions.

  • Dance Moms

    Hey, I love to collect this pretty bags. I want to have that cool Backpack.

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