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Ladies, today is all about him. The man in our life. It`s all about  how to please him, how to take care of him, how to seduce him and how to be seduced by him. HIM, the man that makes our heart melt everyday, that makes us go through a roller coaster of all kind of emotions and feel as alive as never.  But do we really mean it when we say that it`s all about him, when in fact, it’s all about us? We love to love and  make HIM happy, right?! But let’s just admit that he as well, makes us feel like we are the only girls in the world. Isn`t that the kind of relationship that everyone prays for? When he wakes up in the morning and kisses our lips, eyes, forehead, when he whispers I love you, when he sends us kinky messages, when he buys us flowers, presents, surprise us with fabulous vacations.
Don’t you see HIM in all these above?! If not, maybe it’s time for you to change something. Go ahead and surprise him, make him happy. Show HIM that it’s all about the connection between both of you.What you should do?!

  1. Be funny. They all love when we`re funny or when we try at least. Make faces, tell jokes, be as natural and real as you can.
  2. Be creative. Cook him something nice and tasty, take him out to a date on a special place, maybe spice  it up a little and play hide and seek.
  3. Or just go in Sephora and buy him “GENTLEMAN” the new Givenchy fragrance for men and invite him to an endless dance of seduction. Because he is a 21st century gentleman. Elegant, open minded, the one that express a subtle version of masculinity in a seductive mixture of self-assurance and free spirit. That`s the one and is all yours.

Did we trick you?! It isn’t our fault. Really!! It’s just that we had the chance to be the first to try and give this magical perfume to our husbands and the effect was pretty awesome.

As you can see we were also inspired by GENTLEMAN to take these amazing photos (not us in fact, but the talented photographer Tibi Vintur) but still, it was our idea to tell you this story. The story of GENTLEMAN. 
Foto: Tibi Vintur

Location: Palatul Bragadiru
Outfits: Maria Lucia Hohan Dresses, Fabtory Jewelry, PNK Casual Black Suits, Michael Kors Shirts, JMaurice Glitter Sandals, Dots Zara Shoes


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