Twilly d’Hermès & Sephora

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Life is all about joy, happiness, enjoying every moment as much as we can and making ourselves happy. Even if we don’t like to admit it, our happiness is in our hands. We are in charge of how we want to live this life. We have to find all the little things that makes us happy. Skip the bad vibes and focus on making our life joyful. Being young is the best part of it. When you are 18 everything is much easier than it seems.. simple things, break-ups, relationships, friends, when you have all the time in the world for your hobbies. It is for sure the most pure and graceful part of our life. But is youth just a matter of time? We think not. It`s a state of mind. We actually CAN be forever young. Why not enjoying life and act like 20 even if we are 30 or 40, 50 or event 90? We are still young inside, we will always be. You may know this from your grandparents that even if they are on their 80’s and 90’s they still have a young soul, heart and mind and make us realize everyday  that age is just a number and nothing more.

We were inspired by the Twilly d’Hermès video, the dance, the moves, the vibes to take this photos and to tell you this story of two women that decided to stay young and twilly…#TwillydHermès. Christine Nagel, Hermès’ perfumer – designer, has created Twilly d’Hermès inspired by the young spirit of women and by their energy.

Conceived in a spirit of absolute freedom, this fragrance in its joyous, impish bottle, plays with today’s feminine in the making, reveals a bond between women and Hermès, nurtures a new affinity. This affinity echoes the joyful impertinence they share with Hermès, their unfailing cheerfulness and their multi-faceted nature, their in nite whims, their uniqueness, and everything that res their minds – starting with freedom.

Twilly d’Hermès is all of this, all of these desires and intuitions, applied to a twist. A twist of three materials: ginger, tuberose and sandalwood. Freshness, mystery and wood. Spice, sunlight and tenderness. Three classic materials which, combined differently, become burning heat, disconcerting attraction, a revelation of the carnal. Implicit sensuality. Ethereal eroticism. Unwavering gentleness. Eternal lightness, too, as if held by a silken thread. This same thread, expertly knotted like a scarf around the Twilly d’Hermès bottle, a ribbon-tie of silk and colour, a nal ash of wit encircling the cap.

You can buy this amazing perfume even if you are 20, 30 or 70 and be forever young. You`ll find it in #SephoraRomania &

    Foto: Tibi Vintur
Location: Grand Continental Hotel
Fragrance&Scarf:Twilly d’Hermès from Sephora


Published by Diana Enciu
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    Such a cool pics! x

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