Walking on sunshine

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Walking on sunshine… This song always crosses our mind when we`re talking about boots.  And lately is a word that is very frequently pronounced on our daily conversations. It`s funny when you have a song stuck in your head and try not to sing it because it gets annoying even for you. But we all go through this. Anyway. So…boots. Boots are exactly as the song situation, they are kinda stuck, but in our feet this time. We have a quite large collection and we continue to add to it. We`re in loooove with ankle boots with a nice comfy heel, glittery or metallic leather. The ones that pop up any outfit. We know is not everyone`s cup of tea, but have you ever tried them? Seriously, they are sexy, they give you a little hight and they look chic and classy and go with a lot of styles. And they are perfect for festive dinners or anything classy. And you can easily find them in any HUMANIC store. We wear them in the day time too, we don`t have a problem with glitter on street style. Actually it`s easier to have a well balanced outfit if you dare to wear that. They are the main focus and you just have to add basics.. Easy.

But if you don`t want anything shiny, the ones with buckles are  always in style and go with everything. As warm, soft and comfortable, as the ones we have in the photos.  You can combine them with denim, fake fur, knitted jumpers, maybe a midi dress. Oh, and don`t forget, if you wear trousers roll them up or tuck them into the boots

Ok, so we checked nice legs, we checked the song that is still stuck in our head and we added some boots to our collection. We got them from here HUMANIC, if you wonder, so CHECK THEM HERE. And show us how yours look like! We`re excited to see them.#humanicshoes #enjoylifeandstyle.

Foto: Tibi Vintur


Published by Diana Enciu
  • Ewa Macherowska

    Love the photography with shool bus!

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