Chic, eclectic and versatile. The three words that describe a perfect collection. THE collection. This season, we fell in love with the MAX&Co fall/winter collection. When clothes inspire us, that means they were made well with great vision. If you can create stories around your outfits we say you`re in the right track.What can we say about this amazing collection except those general words that say so much? Well, let`s talk about the colors. As you can see we choose our favorite. This topaz greeny  shade that is candy for the eye. Fluide silhouettes with floral prints and stripes are the main focus of the collection. Y`all know how much we love them. As well as midi dresses and feminine luxurious materials . It`s a romantinc but sexy, sophisticated but comfortable, collection, that you can dress up or down. Perfect for the cold weather to be as fashionable as you can. Boring is not an option, they say! May come as a surprise (or not 🙂 )but this season, coats are inspired by style muses, from which they take style and attitude. So you have to go and try them out, see which one is suitable for your style and personality. Are you a romantic retro with a creative vibe? A wild child at heart or a charming cosmopolitan like woman? If  nothing sounds like you, the employees at MAX&Co Baneasa Shopping City can help you. In fact, if you go  until 30th of October there, you`ll benefit of special treatment. You can make a pesonality test based on the collection above aaaand of course,  for the new items! Can`t wait to see how you style them.

Foto: Andreea Bogdan
Foto edit: Tibi Vintur

Outfits: Max&Co. din Baneasa Shopping City



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