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What do we have here? Ladies, this is the last photoshoot we took for ALTFEL magazine and unfortunately we didn’t find the right time to share it with you, but here it is, one of our favorite projects in collaboration with our favorite photographer and friend, Tibi Vintur. And because this amazing place inspired us and challenged us to do things differently we said it is the right moment to introduce you the newly launched fragrance from Chanel: GABRIELLE. Who was she? Don`t let her tiny frame fool you. Gabrielle was a free woman above all else, with a tireless thirst for the independence that women of her time could not claim. A woman in love, passionate, unbowed, she remained defiant in the face of the obstacles blocking her path to the destiny she had chosen for hersel. Was this determination to alter the course of fate what made her such a headstrong and courageous woman? Was her solitary childhood as an orphan that shaped her extraordinary character and dictated her to choose her own destiny and determine her own life? Gabrielle the woman, like Coco the designer, only ever followed her intuitions and desires.  Everything that she ever created was in the rebellious spirit of Coco.  Each Chanel fragrance has evoked a chapter in the story of Gabrielle, illustrating  a love, a friendship, a place, a memory or a journey that marked her incredible life.  The new CHANEL fragrance conveys the full personality of  her public and private facets, her untamable temperament and her loving soul. The GABRIELLE CHANEL is her, is us, it`s majesctic, courageous, valiant, bold and passionately feminine.

  Foto: Tibi Vintur
Location: Hilton Athenee Palace
Hairstylist: Cozma George
Makeup: Andreea Vilau

Asistent: Andreea Jianu


Published by Diana Enciu
  • Ewa Macherowska

    Wow! SO beautiful! x

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