Cool tights you need in your wardrobe

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Oh, this cold streets of Prague. We came back inspired and curious from our trip in Prague and our experience at Milan Fashion Week. And we returned with a question in mind. What would you do for fashion? Are you a practical fashionista or a `I`ll wear bear legs with this conic dress no matter what`?. We’d wear Laura Baldini for sure. We have to say, we`re in the middle –and we`re not talking about photoshoots because the weather does not exists there –  We hate to be cold, but we want our outfits to look flawless too. So what is to be done in this scenario? Because you see that is getting colder and colder. Well, tights are the solution. Seriously. We`re talking about the colourful ones, the ones that you can use as the piece around you can create your  whole outfit. Tights are also a great transition item from your summer clothes. You can still wear your dresses or your shorts with them. And not forget to mention the sassy sandals from last summer! That`s one of our favorite way to wear them, it`s a really cool look. And it`s cozy! We also like to create the sensation of  really tall and tighten boots, by wearing shoes in the same colour. You can see in the photos. Styled with a long t-shirt and an eye-catching belt, you`ll look as stylish as the photographed fashionistas at the Fashion Week. So don`t be afraid to play around colorful tights. Grab one pair and look in your closet, the choices are limitless. 

Foto: Tibi Vintur


Published by Andreea Michaela

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