Can you believe it’s already Christmas!? Time does fly like crazy when you are busy with your everyday life, isn’t it? What is the most important thing these days? Of course we are not talking about lunch or dinner, but we are talking about the spirit we all tend to lose at some point. What Christmas spirit means and why should we bring it back in our lives and families? This is the moment when we can finally spend some peaceful, quiet and quality moments with our parents, friends, grandparents, sisters, brothers, husbands. Christmas is the only holiday we are waiting for with so much excitement. Why? Because somehow people tend to be more joyful, generous, kind and forgiving, even though…if we think more about this it gets a bit sad…most of us slowly throw themselves into this chaos called Christmas rush, that doesn’t bring any good. You probably know the theory, but this time maybe you should change something, don’t you think?
We’ve learned in the last years that it is not about gifts, money or food, it is about what you feel inside and how you express your feelings, the gratitude for what you have, for those you have, for the life you’ve been given. It is not about personal needs, it is about sharing your love with the others. If you are alone it might not be that festive, but still there are so many ways to be happy with yourself. Don’t count the days till it is over, just make the days count. How? Forgive, become a volunteer, help others, find single friends to spend your time with, trim the tree and cook and watch some of the movies we recommended here. Make this Christmas better, not worse. That being said all we want for Christmas, for you, is to search deep in your heart for gratitude for every single day you breathe on this planet and to become a kind person, a less ignorant one and to become the spirit of this holiday. MERRY CHRISTMAS! We love you! And don’t forget: A merry heart does good like medicine. Foto: Tibi Vintur
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