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What were you doing a year ago? Because we know exactly where we were and what were we doing. This amazing photoshoot with the great photographer Balinth! And now is the perfect time to share it with you. This was a really close to our hearts shooting.We loved the idea behind it. It was Balinths idea. Our visions clicked really well and we always liked this type of editorials, where you can create stories in your head when you see the pictures. And this is the case for sure. It`s not a typical shoot for us. This is artsy, vintage and fun at the same time.
Balinth is an amazing photographer, he sees other worlds through his lenses and you can tell that by just looking at his work. He is a professional by any means. The details that he takes care of so damn well, not resting until we get that one perfect shot and everything that makes a photographer a great artist. Also, he`s a great guy, a really nice person and open minded! And those are things that we admire at a person, especially in our work. So let us know what you think about Balinths work! 


OUTFITS: Ie_clothing, Amna Alsalem, Maria Lucia Hohan

MAKE UP: Dora Codita

HAIRSTYLIST: Cristina Temelie


Published by Andreea Michaela
  • Ewa Macherowska


  • Mihaela Sava

    Wow! Spectaculoasă ședința aceasta. Va vedem și din alt unghi, spunând alte povesti. Felicitări vou, cheapau bas, Balinth!

  • Ingrid

    Amazing.. Stunning .. ce sa mai scriu? Fotografiile sunt senzaționale, iar voi arătați minunat ca de obicei! Pot doar sa admir si sa spun.. WOW!
    Serios.. sunt extrem de bine realizate fotografiile, machiajul este super, hainele .. la fel, de voi am mai spus ????????✨ si ideea, ideea e grozava. Felicitări tuturor, de la fotograf la hair-stylist, mare-up artist si designeri la voi! Îmi place mult ce-ați făcut!

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