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Spread joy, love and sparkle. Although you know you only need the sparkle. If she`s bright, you`ll have love and happiness too. But today we`re talking about the real sparkle. The whole is beginning to look a lot like Christmas has officially began and everything in this city has fairy lights and we have to confess, it is majestic. It`s like a fantasy world, with no traffic, silence and great views. That`s one thing that always inspired us. Big cities in the night time. With all those lights and sparkles and the overall image that is created. It`s actually priceless.And it seems like there are a lot more people that think like us. Swarovski knows for sure what we`re talking about.

How can jewelry have something in common with the things we said above? Sparkle. Just think about the way they shine. Do you see our point? This can actually be a great present if you travel somewhere nice on Christmas. A piece of jewelry that shines exactly as the city where you made some great  memories.

So this month we dare you to say yes to being bold and glamorous and eye-catching! Express yourself trough accessories. The Swarovski collection transforms anything in something that it will take your breath away. Go in  the middle of your city and blend in perfectly. Just dare to be noticed by any means. It`s December! We can wear the most glitzy glam looks and use Christmas and New Year as an excuse. Create your plan for those days based on your favorite ring or earrings or that necklace you love! And tell us about it. We can`t wait to hear your stories on the first of January.


Published by Diana Enciu
  • Ewa Macherowska

    Beautiful <3

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