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The year that Vogue proclaimed There are no rules in the fashion game now. Something that we totally agree with. The lovely 70`s. So let`s stop for a minute and explain why we`re talking about this. We`re sure you all know about the amazing and outrageous personas that we`re gonna mention. They are people that inspired us and motivated us sometimes with their stories. We`re sure you feel the same way. So we wanted to remind you of the great years that changed fashion, the era that brought us some of the most inspirational muses.  The 70`s were the years when the androgyny became popular and allowed. (very thankful `bout that) You`ll see a lot of bell-bottoms, platform shoes, glitter and borrowed clothes from men. You know trends are coming back so you can find something similar now very easily. But no more, let`s drop it and talk about some legends.


Firstly, we`d like to mention the Met Gala 1974, when she wore one of the most recreated looks of all time. The feather and crystal gown that took everyone`s breath.  That moment is still mentioned and talked about after so many years. Apart from being an amazing and talented singer she was titled fashion icon. She accomplish to create a  double personality on the stage through her style and her real talent, of course. She defined her personality by pushing boundaries with her fashion choices. LAURA ASHLEY

Her ethereal style is now represented by the brand that wears her name, Laura Ashley. The smocked dresses and floral prints inspired a generation of women. She was one of the most recognisable names in the fashion industry in the 70`s. Farrah Fawcett

The one that inspired every working women in the 70`s. She became a TV icon the moment she took the role in the series Charlie`s Angels. You`re familiar with the show for sure. So high waisted pair of pants, a basic T-shirt and a vest were essential in your closet if you`s be living in the 70`s. Also, that hair volume?!    BIANCA JAGGER

The one that took the sleek menswear suit to a dancing night to the disco. The IT girl of the decade, Bianca Jagger was named the queen of Studio 54 scene with her so-well-put-together outfits that still inspire a lot of stylists and fashionistas of the 21st century. For real now, we would totally wear everything that she wears in the pictures above. LIZA MINNELLI

And if you haven’t seen Cabaret you need to get yourself a copy of it to watch RIGHT NOW. Because that`s were you`ll find one of the quintessential fashion icons of the 70`s. But come one, who haven`t heard of Liza Minnelli? The one and only, cabaret queen. With her sleek bob and her intense cat eye and her spidery lashes, she conquered the world. LAUREN HUTTON

The American dream. Lauren Hutton from model to an amazing style icon. And we`re saying style icon because she managed somehow to be hired for who she really is.  Models have to be a totally different person when they`re doing their job, because you have to model yourself towards the brand that you`re representing. But Lauren`s style became so empowering that no one wanted to hire her to be someone else. ALI MACGRAW

She`s the definition of timeless style. With her camel coats, headpieces, prints and effortless looks. Her advice?  Be yourself. Find the clothes that suit you best, that make you feel comfortable, confident, sexy, good looking and happy… and then hang on to them like old friends. JERRY HALL

The supermodel that (obviously every decade has) knows how to wear anything and anywhere. Her hair, her attitude, her big shades, we`re talking about a women and her 70`s looks that are as relevant now as they were back then. PATTI SMITH

And the time has. We mention androgyny here because it`s represented in a obvious beautiful and unique manner. The poet, the singer, the song writer and the fashion icon. All and more important qualities in one person. She looked like no one else in the most interesting way with her eccentric  and bold looks that she wore fiercely. DIANE KEATON

And because we all do it, we all borrow pieces from our boyfriend closet. Diane created her image among that. Not literally, but aesthetically pleasing, smart and sexy. She wore ties and hats and looked stunning! And to remind you how cool she still is, we`re gonna let this here. Have you seen her appearance on the TV show The Young Pope,  where she wears a T-shirt that says I`m a virgin, but this is an old shirt. Pretty cool, we`d say.


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