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This January, CHANEL unveils its new Instagram account A platform of expression allowing the brand to share its unique take on beauty and makeup on a regular basis, with a focus on the uniqueness of its products, its innovations and its creativity. As CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer, Lucia Pica will also use this tool to convey her singular vision, inspirations and viewpoints.Whether visual incarnations of CHANEL culture, mirrors of House events or reactions to beauty news, the content on this platform has a single goal: to help women create and cultivate their difference. A stance that reflects the account signature, Create Yourself.

With this new living, fascinating and essential means of expression, CHANEL bolsters its presence and influence on social media, as well as its relationship with beauty fans.


Published by Andreea Michaela
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    wow, massive article 30 ESSENTIAL THINGS IN LIFE. simply awesome

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