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Counting the days `till we`ll be able to wear sheer dresses, pastel colors and chic sunnies in the most nostalgic sunset and warm wind. Now that you have the picture in your head, you probably figured it all out. We`re going to be talking about the Spring-Summer trends in 2018. One of our favorite things to see and to talk about. So is time for the blossom and the sun to reflect in our outfits and let`s see what the catwalk predicted this season:


This is a trend that follows almost every Spring, it`s  the one that you can always count on and never go wrong. Bubble pink, mint green, light blue, dusty yellow are the colors that you have to have in your wardrobe every warm season.DENIM EVERYTHING

Denim is back in town (not like it ever left) but this season it`s all about denimc overalls, costume, all matchy but with a twist that comes from the cut, the size and the shape if the pieces. SEE THROUGH MATERIALS

This season you have to show some skin. A little more than the other years, but you know, if you don`t cross the line and stay in the safe zone, you`ll be trendy and sexy.COLOR, COLOR, BOLD COLORS

In each one of this colors combined you`ll pop up from any crowd, any place, anytime. You`ll might want to get inspired firstly in order to create a look like this. So check the outfits above. It will be a bright Summer!  FANNY PACKS

You remember them from years ago when they were the coolest thing that you could ever wore. Well, now they are back and you can totally rock one this season. You can even make your normal cross body bag a fanny pack if you put the strap around your waist and it will look super chic. PRINT ON PRINT

The more the better. We love the floral print and we even combine polka dots with stripes so it will be a good season for us. Dare to put them together, focus on the complementary colors and the result should be really nice. PLASTIC

This was a predominant trend on the catwalks for Spring Summer 2018 as seen at Burberry,Fendi, Chanel . You`ll see it everywhere in various shades. Would you wear it?

Ruffles made a comeback this season with some really nice twists. As seen on the pictures above, the romantic touch became an edgy one and it looks more powerful and modern.


If you haven`t seen everyone on this industry wearing something sparkly, it means you`ve been kinda busy because is everywhere. On the red carpet, on the streets, at every party. Sequin remains for Spring-Summer and we have a feeling that it will stay for a while.




This is a really nice twist that you can add to a casual outfit. So get ready for the asymmetrical necklines because they are in this season and  to be honest, collar bones are really sexy to show.


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