Absolutely in [heart]

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If you consider yourself a bold, contemporary, chic girl, who wants to embrace a different and a more vanguardist style, willing to leave behind the preconceptions…you now have the chance to be wild&beautiful, playful&sexy and be absolutely in love.

This summer is all about customized issues and this is what we choose for crazy nights out in the city, chic private cocktail parties & bohemian french breakfast.

This summer is all about the [HEART] collection by Eugenia Enciu.

The girl who enjoys both a quiet urban stroll, or an afternoon-out with friends in fashionable cafes, who loves having a good time at indie rock concerts or in night clubs, who embraces differences and wants to be a part of them, wears [HEART].

We also have a crush on it and that’s why we suggest you to be both silly and seductive while
wearing a [HEART] t-shirt, a dress, a pair of leopard pattern shorts or a slim nude skirt or lace bra.

Check out the [HEART] and don’t forget to be absolutely in [LOVE] this summer&customize your wardrobe with hearts. (www.eugeniaenciu.ro)


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