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Because we believe in young Romanian designers&we love to make online shopping we decided that Fabulous PR&Events should represent one of the hottest Romanian online shopping websites and  because we wanted to convince you that is a website to be visited and used we tested two fab sweaters signed Moja and the day became brighter and more fabulous, of course.

You should also try it!


Brunette: Pink Sweater, TopShop Skirt, New Look Leggings&Shoes

Blonde: Green Sweater, Vintage Skirt, ZARA Shoes, Vintage Earrings


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  • Sandra

    Frumoase as usual si un nou site WOOOOW! <3 you !

  • chiikalivelovelaugh

    wow you ladies always looks so beautiful, i love your style it’s so quirky…i especially love the 2nd photo, because it looks you(blonde sorry i don’t know which one you are, as in which is your name) are the cover of vogue…even your hair continues in the exact same spot where the picture leaves off…so cool! it would have been neat if the other magazine was a closeup of a face too
    xoxo Stephi

  • chocolatefashioncoffee

    lovely pictures! love the sweaters!

  • Sasha

    Such a colorful way to start the week 🙂

  • Alessia

    Sunteti putin cliseice si nu vorbesc despre activitatea voastra ci despre ceea ce scrieti despre voi. Vrem ceva nou.

  • Gabriel Sima

    Fabuloase ca intotdeauna! 😀

  • The Hearabouts

    Totally adorable <3


  • one girl, one blog

    You look great dears!Xoxo

  • Plami

    You two are absolutely fabulous indeed! I cannot stop scrolling down your page!


  • Laura Tenshi

    Those sweaters are adorable and so are you two.

  • Borjana

    You ladies can rock absolutely everything and still look fabulous!

  • Bee

    Great Post!

  • Jess

    super cute!!

    Check out my latest post on being bullied and bullying…I invite you and everyone else to comment and share your stories. kisses!

  • PEPA

    Beautiful. Great sweaters!! <3

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