The rules of work

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For some of us work is a breeze, we glide onwards and upwards, always saying and doing the right thing, getting raises, getting promotions, getting results. Is there something they know that we don’t? You bet there is and they call it The rules of work.

Because it is Monday and we need new motivations to start a new working week, we have 10 golden rules:

1. BE 100% COMMITTED – you are going to have to be vigilant, dedicated, watchful, keem, ready, prepared, cautious, alert and on the ball

2. ENJOY WHAT YOU ARE DOING – there is no shame in saying you enjoy your work

3. KEEP YOUR HOME LIFE AT HOME – noone can enjoy themselves fully when their mind is elsewhere

4. CULTIVATE A SMILE – it has to be genuine to appear genuine

5. IDENTIFY KEY TIMES AND EVENTS – there is no point using all your energy and power wheb it ain’t necessary

6. DON’T GOSSIP – there is one part of this rule that is really, really simple – don’t pass anything on

7. PUT THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE – you have to switch off, relax, not take it so seriously, enjoy it more, put things into perspective

8.KNOW WHERE TO HANG OUT AND WHEN – get your face known, get your name known

9. NEVER LOSE YOUR TEMPER – say when you feel aggrieved, immediately, so thst you defuse the situation at one

10.DONT BACK-STAB – the one thing you won’t do in your race to the top is back-stab

These being said…Good morning fab girls&enjoy your Monday!



Foto: Constantin Stefanescu //

Wearing: Eugenia Enciu Skirt, Margiela Coat, H&M Blouse, Nine West Boots, Zara Necklace, Moschino icase

/ Zara Studio coat, H&M Sweater and Bag, Zara dress, Vintage Belt and Earings,  Musette Boots


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