Jean Paul Lespagnard & Hexa by Kuho FW2013

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Jean Paul Lespagnard FW 2013 collection As we promised few days ago, today is the day dedicated to Jean Paul Lespagnard and Hexa by Kuho FW 2013 Collections. We have to admit that we didn’t knew much about the two designers of the brands, but we’ve learned so much and with so much excitement after we attended the shows.

Jean Paul Lespagnard FW 2013 collection

For the FW 2013 Collection, Jean-Paul Lespagnard was inspired by Dutch raditinal fisher women and the the pop universe of motocross. Making those two codified worlds collide, results into a contemporary, poetic, symbolically rich, practical and comfortable collection. The intersection is subtle and the graphical codes are almost subliminal.

Jean Paul Lespagnard FW 2013 collectionJean Paul Lespagnard FW 2013 COLLECTION
More than ten accessories accompanied the collection of 100 pieces, reflecting the optimism and the richness of Dutch culture: foulards, scarves, pendants, key chains, I Phone shells, ear warmers, ecological lanterns and motor cycle helmets, which placed Lespagnard  in the lead and helped him to earn extra points.

Hexa by Kuho FW 2013 collection

hexa by kuho FW2013

Jung Kuho’s collection was characterized by straight and pure lines, with no frills, with a minimal palette, an invasion of leather and amazing platform shoes&boots.


“Nowadays, you have to fight for everything you want,” Kuho Jung mused at the end of his Hexa by Kuho fall-winter 2013 catwalk show. “You are the new resistance of this time.”

Hexa by Kuho FW 2013 collection

An impression of urban sophistication comes off these tailored flowing silhouettes which are stopped at the brink of austerity by a warming cream tone instead of white and flashes of yellow, raspberry red looks. Jung who launched ‘KUHO’ brand in Seoul at 1997 now has the likes of the likes of Garance Doré and Jessica Stam.

Hexa by Kuho FW 2013 collection

Hexa by Kuho FW 2013 Collection evokes very intriguing silhouettes that remind of military uniforms, silhouettes ready to invade the urban battlefield. Hexa by Kuho remains a brand of perfect shapes&cuts and convinced us that Jung deserves the ELLE award for the best young designer.

Hexa by Kuho FW 2013 collection

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