Shopping is our middle name

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Fabulous Shopping with otp bank card with alina tanasa and diana enciu.A friend once told us that “Men believe that women’s biggest dream is to find the perfect man, but in fact a woman’s dream is to eat without getting fat“. It was really funny, but we realized that in fact our greatest dream is to have a magic card with which we could make the greatest-humangous shopping sessions.

Fabulous Shopping with otp bank card with alina tanasa and diana enciu.

Fabulous Shopping with otp bank card with alina tanasa and diana enciu.

And you know it’s true.

It’s fun when you go out in the city, to the mall, but let’s just be honest! In this century women are quite busy and they have no time, no patience, no nothing. And they just choose the easy way – the online shopping. We discovered the online shopping three years ago and since then we are addicted. It’s so simple and cool and you can find so many beautiful clothes, accessories and in fact anything you need/want/desire.

But the coolest thing about shopping online is that you can easily find designer items on SALE, 70% discounts and many promotions. And because lately we’ve become specialists in personal shopping which includes the online shopping we are about to tell you the tips&tricks a woman should know before starting a shooping orgy online.

Fabulous Shopping with otp bank card with alina tanasa and diana enciu.


1.make a wishlist. Even if the product is more expensive than you actually afford, if you add it in your wishlist you will be informed when the product will be on sale. So you have a chance to actually buy it. It’s about luck, about patience and it costs you just a click.

2.make awhat I needlist. It will be easier to decide what to add in your shopping bag and you’ ll not be so impulsive. VERY IMPORTANT! Don’t get too excited! Control yourself! (It’s hard, we know, sometimes it kills your night time, but be tough!)

3.check SALES. You might find amazing treasures that are waiting for you. So start with the SALE section.

 4.measure your body if you wanna buy clothes! It’s very important to know exactly what size you are wearing. Even if it’s easy to return the products you better pick the right size from the start. Your time is precious! “Frequently asked questions”. It’s for your safety. the comments on the products. It’s good to see what the other customers are saying about the product you wanna buy.

7.if you want a home delivery and if you want to track your order don’t forget to write the shipping number. 

8.Use the OTP Bank Card! Why this one in particular? Because you can buy anything, anywhere in 6 monthly rates without any amounts. So you can buy whatever you want and pay it in half a year without paying extra money!!!

Isn’t it fabulous??? OTP Bank Card is like the magic card that we were dreaming of all life.
And imagine that now you can have those expensive shoes and you won’t have to pay a fortune on it cause the six rates will ease your budget suffering.

And who’s gonna be the enviable now?

Fabulous Shopping with otp bank card with alina tanasa and diana enciu.

And this was our shopping list. Thanks to OTP we bought this fab items. You can buy them too…



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  • kamila

    awesome!! 😉

    i invite to me too

  • Viktoria

    great post!

  • Valerie Price

    Wonderful post! I definitely love online shopping as well!

  • Rona Shainer

    OMG!! I Want these heart shape glasseS!!

    Dress To Cook Blog

  • Brandy Runaé

    Love the photos! An enchanting post as usual, I myself am an online shop-aholic!
    Brandy Runae
    ❤Child of Ethereal Light❤

  • Anonymous

    LOVE THE POST!!! I need this card!

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