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We are so very proud to announce once again that we are invited to be speakers at Digital Divas, an event dedicated to the fabulous online, in which we strongly believe since we created our PR Agency, 4 years ago.

When we started the fashion PR, our strategy was to take advantages of the online, because we knew at that moment that it was going to be the future. Facebook was at his beginning and because we believed in its power, we started to promote our events and clients through this platform and as many of you might now, we even created the first fashion e-zine in Romania, a product with more than 40.000 unique visitors/issue. For us the online was and still is pure gold. Fashion brands PR, designers, photographers and editors get in touch with us everyday thanks to this amazing online who helped us to develop our business and everyday activity whether we are in Romania or abroad.

To find more about our story, we invite you to write a few words about the input of the online in your professional/personal/social life and win an invitation at Digital Divas event, on 21st June, at Biavati Events, where you can meet influential figures from the online: Andreea Esca, Yvan Rodic, Oana Pellea, Cristian Lupsa and many others.

Till then don’t forget to check the new Avon platform, AVON CONNECTS, where you can find your answers to beauty, fashion, fitness, home, food, parenting and nutrition questions. Here you can talk to us and other specialists as Carmen and Suzana, make-up artists, Sanziana Pop, the deco consultant, Cristian Margarit, the fitness consultant and many other fab people.

Be a digital diva and don’t forget to write a comment with your digital story! 🙂



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  • Claudia Lazar

    See you there, girls! Muah


  • Cristina Covasa

    What you do girls it’s amazing and I belive internet took you in place that you are today.
    In my case I think posting my everyday outfits and fashion brought me many benefits, now I m taking care of one fashion brand image and in the future I want to be some if the best in the market.
    Internet brought me let’s say notoriety in the social life, night life because of the outfits that I weared and post them on my pages.
    So I belive yes, Internet helped me to be what I am today!

  • roxana

    Internet has changed many aspects of our lives, including the way we communicate with each other, how we keep track of our finances, how we do research, and even where and how we buy things.
    I like to buy my clothes online because you can choose from thousands of items,I like to book my trips online beacuse you can get the best offer by a click, and I like to catch with my friends online especially the ones I haven’t seen in a long time but despite all that and much more we have to try to live in the real world not only in the virtual one! 🙂

  • DeeaElla

    Am stat si m-am gandit,care ar putea fi povestea mea”virtuala” si cum as putea sa va conving cat de tare imi doresc sa iau parte macar la un eveniment fabulos de al vostru .Insa mi-am dat seama ca povestea mea nu a inceput inca.Fiind zilnic online pe bloguri de moda,pe site-uri de haine si visand(de mica) practic toata ziua la aceasta lume fascinanta,mi-am dezvoltat aceasta pasiune,care sper ca pe viitor sa se contureze cu ajutorul acestui blog, care a luat nastere acum cateva luni si in mare s-ar rezuma la moda,de fapt la stilul meu personal.Internetul este principala baza,pentru mine cat si pentru toata lumea, te ajuta sa te dezvoti din toate punctele de vedere,daca stii cum sa profiti de avantajele acestuia.
    Diana si Alina sunteti minunate si va doresc mult succes in ceea ce faceti!

  • luiza caradeanu

    my everyday routine was to read magazines over the morning or lunch coffee. but that changed when i discovered the blogging world 🙂
    i don’t know the exact moment when that happened, but it did reversibly 🙂
    don’t get me wrong… i still enjoy a fresh new magazine in my lap 🙂 but i was the kind of person that buys toooo many magazines!
    and the ecologist part of me was a little angry!
    so, now, with all these new applications, i can read on my ipad over breakfast anything i want: fashion, diy, home, cooking or whatever blogs 🙂
    your blog is among my favourites!
    i appreciate you girls for always trying to go beyond your limits!
    keep it up!
    all my best 🙂

  • Claudia C

    I want to inspire people!
    You are my everyday inspiration and I wish I could inspire people too. Beautiful and good things should be shared, cause we may not know who we’re inspiring or helping just by a simpla small gesture or by a motivational picture, quote. Online means a lot nowadays and occupies a big part of our lifes and in some cases is contributing to personal development.
    I may not be a digital diva yet, but one day I know I’ll be!!

  • Iulia Romana

    De abia astept sa ne vedem din nou!! va pup cu drag! xx

  • Simina

    In my circle of friends, I’m the social media geek. Always up to date to online trends, always connected, except for the nasty moments when electric power is down or when chocolate is calling, almost not paying attention to the conversations because I’m too absorbed into reading the epic news online.
    From the moment I started using Facebook hash tags, I knew they would become a thing. And boom! It happened.
    I believe in social media because it gives me the opportunity to create a transparent image of myself to the world. This is what it is supposed to be doing and that is how others should use it. Personal branding is a key concept in social media. But why do I sound so serious? Of course I also share pictures of cute dogs. And chocolate. And fashion. And fancy food. People should know what I’m into. And if they’re not interested, well… let them be transparent and say it 😉

  • Dorina

    The online has brought me a lot of good things,it is so easy for me now to keep in touch with everything new and be close to friends & family from all around the world. I am a 47 years old woman and I have a daughter of 26 years old that loves blogging. Since she started her blog and she is showing me all about blogging I started enjoying it a lot and I’m thinking of writing my own blog to share with young girls some of the wisdom I’ve gathered through the years. Since she began showing me some fashion & lifestyle blogs I started following them and I enjoy seeing young girls that are turning into women in such a beautiful and fashionable way, I used to think that the new generation has gone astray but now I don’t think that anymore and I love to see young women seeking success in the online an really doing wonderful things just like you ladies! I would love to attend the event and learn more about the online and it’s infinite possibilities!

  • Simona Manole

    Can’t wait to hear you talk about your dream. See you there girls. 🙂


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