Make the summer worth

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It happens from time to time to have a free day and it also happens to have the luck ( ironically speaking) to be stuck in a canicular-empty city, where the only thing you can do is writing stupid to do lists for the summer:

1. Eat a lot of ice-cream. Your life will get better in just a few minutes:))

2. It’s time to go on holiday! With your best friend, by yourself or with your lover. Just Go! It’s summer, so be spontaneous, choose a destination and leave the city.

3. Wear a lot of accessories ours cause they are perfect for any summer vacation and super cool for any outfit. **Cooee Design jewelry is now one of our favorite brands.

4. If you cannot go on a summer vacation, that you absolutely deserve and you are stuck in the city, read and relax. Go after work on a lovely terrace and enjoy the evening with a book and a glass of prosecco.

5. Start a puzzle…you have the whole summer to finish it. No, God, no! Of course we are joking! Go to a pool for Christ sake. Even if it is for lunch break, weekend or the end of a working day! Just do it!

Whatever you do, make the summer worth, whether you are in a vacation or stuck at work! We know you can do it, ladies!


Foto: Virgil Hritcu
Wearing: COOEE Design Bracelets&Necklaces, H&M Dress, Zara Sandals/
COOEE Design Bracelets&Necklace, H&M Shorts&Blouse, Zara Sandals


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