Top 10 Haute Couture Collections FW 2013/2014

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We wanted to make a Top 5 Haute-Couture Collections FW 2013/2014, but these collections are so good that they deserve an extended top 10 šŸ™‚

1. Elie Saab
He is the master of couture. The collection was amazingĀ  and the trio of colors – ruby, emerald, saphire – left us speechless. The designer is a firm believer in monochrome, red sequins on red silk, blue paillettes on blue lace and he surely has the recipe for success. He doesn’t take risks and plays safe all the time. He bets big, he wins big. It is the only way he plays. So, obviously, for us, Ellie Saab is the No.1 Couture Collection

2. Jean Paul Gaultier

WOW! He made his point. Leopard pattern for couture. The collection was stunning and the show was incredible. The head pieces are a must have and you can wear them even with jeans. All the items were so eye catchy. A collection for the tiger inside every women. Be a beast, fight, show who you are and don’t be afraid to express your power, because let’s face it, it’s not a men’s world anymore. Speak up, women! And do it in Gaultier style. You wont regret it!

3. Giambattista Valli

When you think of couture you have the image of Giambattista’s collection in your mind. The collection was an ode to the dresses that couture should be… Even if we don ‘t attend the parties and balls that our grandmothers used to this amazing collection takes us back to Cinderella’s fairy tale. Keep dreaming …and dreaming and dreaming…

4. Dior

Even if Raf Simon believes that Couture is the circus clown of fashion, this time his approach was more couture than the last time. His creations are meant to be worn by women in an actual moment and culture. If you had in your plans to meet the Queen, now you have the dress!Ā But be careful because you need a proper attitude for a Dior dress…

5. Iris Van Herpen

This collection was unbelievable. Something really futuristic, but so touchable. The dresses seemed alive. Did you ever seen how corals are in the sea? The algae? The collection was like a sea show. And look at the shoes! Aren’t they amazing? The dutch designer played with silicon dresses, 3D platform shoes and with human body elements and notions and produced a collection that left us breathless.

6. Valentino

Valentino is for every age. Even if you are on your 20s, 30s, 40s 50s or even 60s you’ll find the perfect dress for the amazing party you are attending.Ā  Even if you have a sober style or a sexy one, Valentino is here to satisfy all your inner desires. And what we really loved about this collection is the coral elements, the exotic specimens from nature, the archeological motifs and the royal-virginal touch. Go for Valentino over and over again. And take a close look at the bags. Amazing pieces of art! We love them!

7. Ulyana Sergeenko

We are in love with this couture queen. We loved her last couture collection, but this one is even better. It’s all about bell silhouettes, fur and velvet, ruffled collars and charcoal gray. The collection is a masterpieceĀ  and we cannot wait to see the next one!

8. Armani Prive

This was such a Gatsby collection. So if you are having a big fabulous party that of course won’t kill anyone (as the songs says) you have to wear Armani Prive. The lace tights mixed with the lace dresses, the dots and the feather accessories were to die for. Back in time…and then back to the 2014…Armani made it possible. What’s not to love about that?

9. Chanel

In the name of Chanel…YES! YES to the show because Karl always has amazing shows. Welcome to an old destroyed theatre where from where you can see the future. Just take a seat and enjoy the collection. It wasn’t bad…Chanel has a line that doesn’t go out of style. Even if we are talking about ready to wear or couture you’ll recognize the style even if they wake you up at 3 am. It’s Chanel.

10. On Aura tu Vu

Inspirational. Authentic. Creative. We really loved this show. The plastic elements were like pieces of ice and the skulls bags were really cool. And the wedding dress…Amazing. It’s exactly the dress that a Snow Queen should wear all the time …Amazing construction.


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