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Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. And once you found it you better do all you possibly can to never lose it. And as we all are diamonds fans and as we all have been dreaming of THE proposal since we were little girls we couldn’t say no to a bride game. Perfect engagement rings, perfect dresses and the perfect time for an all white game.


When we talk about jewelry you know it is hard for us to wear only one piece, and when we talk about gold and diamonds, it’s even harder to decide what to choose, what to wear and how many rings to put on our fingers. And while we were exploring the “EngagementJewelry” collection, a collection of natural diamonds of over 0.17 carats, from Avers, Belgium, the capital of diamonds, we’ve made the final decision and picked classic and modern rings, white, pink and yellow gold and we made the perfect mix and match.

Unfortunately, as the french proverb says “Two souls, one heart.”, one ring must be chosen and thank God there are specialists to help the men to find the perfect shape, color and stone for the absolutely fabulous proposal time.

If you are a modern future bride you can ask your prince to join the competition โ€œFa-i jumatatii tale o cerere in casatorie de neuitat si poti castiga unweekend romantic la Roma!โ€, and you can both win a romantic weekend in Rome. All you have to do is to click on Engagement Jewelry.

Enjoy your jewelry trip and don’t be afraid to play the Engagement Ring Game!


Location: Maison 13


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