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These weeks we have had some pleasant moments spent with some of the most wonderful people we ever met. Thanks to the share a Coca-Cola project, which was a great motivation for us and made us schedule the meetings we couldn’t find time for in the last two months, we succeded in meeting the blonde princess, Bianca Ionita. Of course we had fun, we have gossiped about everything in this world, talked about our tattoos, our dogs, engagement rings and everything a girl could talk about.

Black or White: white Day or Night: day / Summer or Winter: summer and winter / America or Europe: America / Books or Movies: Movies

You are curious about: life
Favorite movie/book character: once upon a time in america
What do you hate the most: be lied to
What do you love the most: to be loved

Something that people don’t know about you: i am a tattoo addict 🙂
A defect and a quality that makes you one of a kind: i am a fair lady

5 things you believe in: God, love, truth, familly, friends
5 things you don t believe in: hate, disrespect, attitude, politics, church
5 thing you would die for: familly, my dog, few friends…
5 things you ll take on a desert island: me, him, my dog…

In the future you see yourself.….married with children :)❤


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