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THE CHARITY FAIR initiative is a wonderful support through a unique fundraising concept for associations and foundations. THE CHARITY FAIR brings together brands of perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, well-known  designers clothes and hand-made items and gives you the opportunity to buy products whose prices will reach a share of the Valea Plopului community thru ProVita association.
You can help very easy! Come to the fair, buy something that you like and a percentage of the price paid by you will reach the association accounts.
Valea Plopului is a place near Valenii de munte (Prahova), where a priest brought together over 300 souls and formed a one big family. Priest Tanase story begins 20 years ago when he told a woman not to have an abortion and to offer him the chance to raise and educate the child. Slowly, the community grew. Those children are now students and community now counts over 200 children (80 lies in Valea Screzii and 120 are raised in families Valea Plopului), dozens of mothers and old people whose fate has smiled upon by this man truly great.
We are waiting for you! Read more HERE


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