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Which is one of our favorite places? Galateca! A gallery of contemporary art, situated in one of the most beautiful squares in Bucharest. A developing project, Galateca sets out to present major contemporary international artists to the Romanian public, thus creating a platform for all kind of collaborations, like the one we have developed together. This is the place you have to visit once in a while, or if you ask us, once a month. Why? Because once a month you can enjoy a new exhibition. If you’ve just decided to visit it, let us tell you more about the exhibition Inside/Out (Black&White)…

 Roberto Coda Zabetta (Italia), Predrag Popara (Serbia), Alessio Maximilian Schroder (Italia) exhibit their works of art, gathered around the project Inside/Out (Black&White). This is the first time these artists showcase their work in Romania and some of the artwork exhibited is here shown for the first time ever to an audience. The exhibition is initiated by artist Predrag Popara and organized by Galateca curator Roxana Gibescu.

Roberto Coda Zabetta (Biela Italy 1975) with his intimate installation composed of drawings, sketches and personal correspondences illustrates his own understanding on the relation between his work and an environment, which has left a deep track on his production

Predrag Popara (Trebinje Bosnia and Herzegovina 1973) exhibits the drawings done in technique “oil on PVC panel” and this time illustrates the condition of the conscience of a man, who is looking for his identity. The necessity of a contemporary man and his aspiration to replace his own spiritual emptiness with the new technological achievements has been defeated, because it separates him from his own self and dehumanizes the essence of his being.

Alessio Maximilian Schroder (Rome Italy 1985) showcases the series Exposed, his personal photographic research into the liminal nature of the body. On this occasion the starting point is the notion of near death experience. The experience of the limit and the limit of the experience almost coincide and are interwoven with each other, letting the body appear in its most minimal definition as a pure threshold – between inside and outside, own and alien, life and death etc. – and as «exposition» (J.-L. Nancy).

Don’t miss this exhibition!



Brunette: Adelina Ivan Dress from Galateca, Anna dello Russo for H&M Boots, Leather Gloves Stefanel

Blonde: Galateca Dresses&Bracelets, Kristina Dragomir Hat, Barbara Bui Sandals


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