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The story of our lives lies in the details, beautifully wrapped elements which remind us what we need to be reminded the most – the important people we love, the good and the bad times that made us the women we are today. But what if we are too busy to leave a little space just for memories? Don’t worry. It’s simple, you wear a little charm with you everyday, just to be sure you’ll never forget the most important moments in your life!

Don’t be afraid to dream and discover the magical universe called Pandora. When we first discovered the wealth of charms, bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces we didn’t quite understood the concept behind this fairy name.We thought they’re not for us, but after a few minutes we had the revelation! They ARE!

Right in front of us was a beach of amazing charms which reminded us of every wonderful moment in our lives! The cupcake, the Tour Eiffel, the Christmas tree, the carousel, the photo camera, the Statue of Liberty, made us smile, because when we saw them we instantly thought about our little secrets, about our journeys, about laughs and tears, about all the things that helped us find a way to our beautiful life.

Now we wear them all the time and because they’re like a code for living happier we wanna share these special charms with the ones we love, just to make them think about us more, to smile or simply just to remind them how much they mean for us. A perfect gift we would say!

Pandora is all about emotions, fashion and sharing! Is that place where you go and dream! Don’t limit yourself! They’re your dreams for heaven’s sake! There should be no limit to them, so go to Pandora andย  make an unexpected surprise to your best friend!

And because we just got very emotional we want you to have your own Pandora bracelet!

You can win a Pandora bracelet and a lucky charm if you tell us how you met your best friend and why is she your very special half! Don’t forget to add your email address!

Good luck!



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  • Alina Danciu

    I met my best friend since childhood. We would always go in the park with our mothers and play together.Years passed… Until one day when I took my favorite puppet with me. She came too and we played together for like about two hours. When I went home, my toy fell down the river that was near us. Not a deep one, but enough to scare me to tears. She didn’t wait and went down to get my puppet. She was brave enough not to think that she could have been in danger. I then knew that she was my very best friend.
    Now, we study at the same university, same year, same class. We share everything with each other and don’t hesitate to help one another when a problem appears.
    I only have to say that I’m very lucky to have such a friend. Thank you Kass!

  • Anonymous

    I met my best friend in our high school years, the first day, actually. Even though our busy lives prevent us from seeing each other as often as we’d like, every time we talk on the phone or hang out it’s like we’ve never been apart. It truly is a special bond. Her name is Sylvia.

  • gabrielabors

    I met my best friend when I was in college. Years have passed and we still love each other even more. All this years we did crazy, stupid, lovely things! If I could describe what our friendship means I could say it smells like coffee, tastes like chocolate and looks like diamonds. She is indeed my perfect half and she will never let me go, no matter how far we are from each other. My email address is

  • Cristina T

    I remember it like yesterday, my first day at the university. Ah yes, sliding down the stairs proud, confident and ready to take on the world, when obstacles prevented my blonde ambition to carry on. I had to literally pick up this girl, who had decided to tumble down the stairs and now she lay with her belongings scattered all over the place. I helped her up and she gazed at me goggle eyed, Morticia look alike and skinny as can be. My plumped pumpkin face smiled at her weirdness, my kind of weirdness. We have been friends ever since, sharing little dark secrets, laughing at our own weirdness, colouring the world as we please. It’s been 10 years now and we are still going strong. I guess it is not about how long you have been friends with a person, but more about how you have been kicking it off…

  • Anonymous

    I remember it like yesterday, my first day at the university. Ah yes, sliding down the stairs proud, confident and ready to take on the world, when obstacles prevented my blonde ambition to carry on. I had to literally pick up this girl, who had decided to tumble down the stairs and now she lay with her belongings scattered all over the place. I helped her up and she gazed at me goggle eyed, Morticia look alike and skinny as can be. My plumped pumpkin face smiled at her weirdness, my kind of weirdness. We’ve been friends ever since, sharing little dark secrets, laughing at our own weirdness, colouring the world as we please. It’s been 10 years now and we are still going strong. I guess it is not about how long you have been friends with a person, but more about how you have been kicking it off…

  • Anonymous

    I met my best friend in our way to the sea side. We discovered through hours of talking that we are very much alike and in the same way very different. Sometimes, we don’t need words to understand each other situation…the looks are sufficient. And what makes her my best friend is that exactly in the moments I need her she feels that – and from nowhere she appears. It can pass months not to see each other but when we meet is like yesterday. I love her and really appreciate that she is in my life.

  • Femme Mystique

    I met my best friend in the 5th grade.We have gone through many adventures together.The fact that we helped each other during the exams in grade school from stupid things like one day, when she went to Iasi and I cover her and said to her mother that she’s gonna stay at my house in that weekend.The most interesting part of our friendship, I think it was the fact that our phone numbers from home were the same as the figures were released in a different order, and the fact that one block seprates us.I think that here was the hand of destiny and God.Cause after all this years we’re still best friends and we love each other like we are sisters.

  • Diana Andreea

    Mirror, mirror on the wall…who’s my best friend in the whole world?! Well, some say that Diana is my best friend because we share the name. Others say that she’s my best friend because we share memories and secrets from high school,the place we met and that’s the age when great love and great friendship happen. But I think the reason why she’s my best friend is because we share few. As fearless and determined as she is, she completes every unconvinced step that I take. And as much as she wants to change, I’m the one who warmly keeps the essential things intact, for the moments shw needs to find strenght.

  • Anonymous

    I met my BF a few years ago, about 7 I guess… Seems like a life time to me. She is my very special half because she guards all my secrets, she teached me lessons my parents and teachers never could, she is the best listener in the world, she accepts me just de way I am. She is like a four leaf clover hard to find and lucky to have and most important she prefers to hurt me with the truth but never conforts me with a lie. She is my very special half! Love you D :).

  • Laloliette

    I know her since I was just a little girl, in fact she knows me from back then, I was too small for my figure it out. 

    We were together in the most beautiful and saddest moments that hit us over the time. Now we are separated by hundreds of miles, so we rarely see. Each of us has a family, a husband, a child or two.

    But she’s and will remain my sister and my best friend that I love and adore very much! <3

    I am the luckiest sister in the world!

  • Felicia

    I still remember the first day we met !! :))) we were so shy :))
    Wet met in high school!!
    Our bond is extremely special, it is unique in it’s own way!

  • Anonymous

    My best friend is more than that, she is the sister I never had. It`s like God made us best friends because He knew our parents couldn`t handle us if we were sisters. We became best friend in high school, although we knew each other since general school. In 9th grade we discovered that we have a lot in common, from our taste in TV series to hot chocolate and oranges on cold winters. Each day our bond got stronger. We we`re there for each other when it got bad and when it got good, when one was single or got a boyfriend, we stood by each other. Because we got in trouble a few times for talking during classes, we took a notebook and started talking in writing, a notebook that eventually we kinda had to through away because it had too much “compromising” info. By the end of 9th grade we knew each other so well that we ended one another`s sentences and knew what the other one was thinking just by looking in her eyes, a mental bond. We dreamt of going toghether to university in England, but life got in the middle, so I stayed here and she went to England. But that did not got in the way of our friendship because we have Skype( Lord praise the one who invented it)! We talk daily and no holiday passes by without spendig it toghether. Although sometimes we are completly diffrent and our priorities change, we`re still on the same page. I love her and I would do everything for her and so would she.

  • Lux

    I met my best friend many, many moons ago. We were classmates from 1st grade till highschool graduation, and we parted ways when we went to college. By parted ways, I mean of course, that we’re both still living in Bucharest, but goinf to different colleges. As as I was saying, I met her in 1st grade, and until highschool we talked, I convinced her to eat her lunch cause she was always throwing it away, but we didn’t really connect. We still laugh when we remember that for the first 4 years she couldn’t stand me because I had long hair and the teacher loved me :)) In highschool, however, we clicked, and sat in the same bench for 4 years, and we got to the point where we just know we’re gonna be friends forever. Love her!

  • Anonymous

    Me and my bestie met through common friends, while we were both in secondary school. Rather than it being a ‘love at first sight’ sort of moment, it was more of a ‘deep connection’ moment. I just instantly felt like she’s an absolute special person and instinctively was so protective of her. As it turned out, she felt the same. She told me that later on in our friendship. Anything that might ever happen in a friendship, let me tell you, we’ve been there! We lived it and got through everything together. What always blows my mind about our relationship is that there are times when one of us is trying to explain something to the other one, but they’re either not keen on talking about it or just having a hard time explaining it, the other one will just stop them, and utter exactly what the other person tried to say. It’s like we’re each other’s mind-readers. So, basically, we’re freaking superheroes! At least for each other!

  • Simona

    I always considered my best friend the friend I have from childhood. But once you grow older everyone changes, has its own life and you get colder. Of course, it’s only natural to be like this, but in a way it’s sad too..

    So life gave me another best friend.. in a way I have to thank my ex for her.. we were together for 9 years and I spent a lot of time with his family.. his brother and his wife.. And I didn’t even realize when she became my best friend.

    To make the story short he’s gone from my life, but I gained a best friend.. This is the best “thing” that came out from my relationship.

    I still call her and consider her my “sis”, even if we didn’t become sisters in law. And even if she is in a way caught in the middle between me and her brother in law, cause she loves us both and hoped for a future together, she is happy for me now that I found love again..

    I’m sure she’ll read this.. so thank you, sis, for being my best friend no matter what :)!

  • deea

    Adu, that „special SHE” I have netx to me even she’s 600 km away, the angel that knows my weaknesses but she doesn’t take advantage and all my craziest and foolish things but she’s still here without judging.
    Lucky me! Yes, I feel lucky I met her in high-school cause we all know all that drama that comes with that. :)) She is the one…I laugh with her, I sufferd alog her and for her I don’t remember the word „no”. I’ve made her a part of every important moment of my life (even she wasn’t physically here) and I was there for hers.
    From the moment I started to know her I realised she was the other half I needed, balance and inner peace my craziness needed.
    Thanks, Adu! Thanks for still being close to me and most of all….for trusting me!!!

  • Catalina B.

    How i met my bestfriend? I didn’t . She was there the whole time. We were collegues since first grade but we practically HATED eachother. She was my opposite: quite, sad-face everytime. I was different: the overtalking one , the happy one, the “colorfull” one. One time she even tried to injure me. I climbed on a chair to fix something on the wall. In that moment , Andreea(that’s her name) pulled the chair from under me and shout at me( now, we always make fun of this story). It was not that bad because i haven’t fell but the problem was that i had a surgery on my right foot and i was scared that it will break. But in seventh grade, when i had , for the first time, internet at home, we decided to talk on yahoo messanger and one time she told me that i am pretty nicer on the YM. And this is how it all started. My enemy became my bestfriend, my sister.

  • Anonymous

    I met my best friend when we were both 5 years old. Our fathers had been colleagues but lost touch in the last few years.
    Today, after more than 20 years, we are closer than ever. We have all these years full of memories from vacations together, parties, birthdays, holidays, ordinary days that became special because we hanged out together.
    One day, when I was 10, I was sad because I never received anything in the mailbox so she wrote me a letter. Since then, for some years we wrote and sent letters to each other even though we spent almost all weekends together. As teenagers, we made scrapbooks with everything a girl is interested in, scrapbooks about us, lists for every travel and “surviving guides” for every activity. She was always so creative and we made a great team together.

    I think our friendship survived all these years and eventually became stronger and stronger because we are very much alike, we share everything and we always support each other. Moreover, we always know what is best for each other, we smile everyday and we enjoy life!

  • Alexandra Lazar

    I met my best friend in 6th grade. She was already friends with some of my old school mates ( I had changed schools in 5th grade) and she was the most annoying prick one could imagine: smarty pants, know-it-all, a pain in the rear with her incredibly talkative skills and knowledge of any possible thing on Earth. So, with my little joyous head, I decided I would hate her. Years passed and we ended up in the same high school class and along that, I had a life changing revelation: I was the exact same know-it-all smarty-pants and she probably hated my guts as much as I hated hers. So I made it a mission to befriend her. At all costs. Needles to say, we’re long distance buddies at the moment, as she’s studying in Bucharest and I’m studying in the UK, but we talk each and every day, we pick on people through Skype exactly how we did back home. And when we’re home… it’s Heaven on Earth… and by Heaven, I mean the girliest and bitchiest possible scenarios: champagne gossip, glitter changing booth selfies and endless sleep overs. The glamorous life of a PR (to be) and a lawyer (to be) !

  • Andreea Marcu

    Adu, that „special SHE” I have next to me even she’s 600 km away, the angel that knows my weaknesses but she doesn’t take advantage and all my craziest and foolish things but she’s still here without judging.
    Lucky me! Yes, I feel lucky I met her in high-school cause we all know all that drama that comes with that. ) She is the one…I laugh with her, I sufferd alog her and for her I don’t remember the word „no”. I’ve made her a part of every important moment of my life (even she wasn’t physically here) and I was there for hers.
    From the moment I started to know her I realised she was the other half I needed, balance and inner peace my craziness needed.
    Thanks, Adu! Thanks for still being close to me and most of all….for trusting me!!!

  • Miki

    I’ve met my bff during my highschool days and we are best friends for over 10 years. Even thought she lives in another country, we speak daily and we also visit each other when we have the opportunity.. i miss her a lot and i hope that someday an oncean wont stand beside us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anastasia D

    My best friend and me met quite a while ago, in our very first day of 9th grade. Safe to say I hated her at the time. She was the most annoying person I’d ever seen and I was terrified at the thought that she would be in my class for the next four years. I wouldn’t miss an occasion to make her feel silly. All that changed after a trip to the mountains, when we started to know each other better (those drinking games really bring people together😂). We got talking and we’ve been inseparable ever since. She’s still obnoxious from time to time, but I’ve come to love that about her and she’s adorable now. She’s the only person in the whole wide world who just gets me and knows exactly what I’m thinking.

  • * A *

    I met my best friend when I was 6. We were in the same class in the 1st grade and continued to be until the 8th grade. We connected instantly and we used to organize play dates at my place every weekend where we dressed up like the successful business women that we were dreaming of becoming. Over the years we both changed a lot, developed different interests and had different groups of friends, but our friendship always stayed strong. Not a day would pass without a half-our phone call to keep each other updated. We chose the same high school but I went for exact sciences (math and computer science) and she went to social science class, after that we ended up at the same university studying PR and later on the same master in Barcelona. We lived together for a year in Barcelona which was probably the best year of our lives so far. We know each other for over 20 years and sometimes it seems like nothing has changed since we were kids. Now I am in charge of organizing her bachelorette party for next year and I am sure the future has a lot more adventures in store for us! And who knows, maybe our kids will become best friends too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    We met in highschool and we had a hell of a journey since then. We went through happy times, problems and life stories which most people don’t gather in a lifetime. We were always the blonde and the brunette who were always together. She decided one day to become a redhead, but it changed nothing. We kinda like it more this way. The relation is special because we had moments when life seemed to get worse every day. But we had each other. When she had her heart broken for the first time, I took her out for an ice-cream and cried it all out with her. When I had no place to live in Bucharest, we slept together in a single bed, for several months. We shared the same room and things for a long time, and we enjoyed every moment of it. True friendship is rare, but you sure know when you find one, ’cause you simply cannot let go!

  • Ruxi

    I met my best friend in seventh grade. I was in a really dark place and felt really out of sorts and got caught in a bad antourage. I met him in a really weird way and we just started talking about music and books. He helped me find myself and not feel pressured to please anyone. He never ceased to be by my side and support me no matter what. In 8th grade he told me he fell in love with me and we’ve been together ever since. He is and will most probably always be my best friend. I honestly think that without him I wouldn’t be who I am now. Evey day is a challenge, being in a long distance relationship, but he is my better half, always making me laugh and ALWAYS listening to me no matter what my issue is. I am sure that no matter what life throws at me, with his help I will succeed. He is my best friend,more than my boyfriend.

  • Ivona

    I met my best friend in college. It was love at first sight, we bonded in our first year at the university and after 10 years we still talk everyday, care about each other and make our life beautiful.

    Thank you Alina&Diana for this wonderful contest. when it ends and how will the winner be picked (random/votes)?

  • Amalia Stroescu

    I recall meeting my best friend in high school. We were part of a group hanging out together and I remember her sharing the first kiting experience. Stunning, I thought, and since I push the scope of my experience for adventure, for culture and for passion and aim to live creatively, I realised a long-term reliable friendship started to develop. We spend time together going shopping, attending fab events, even driving home for Christmas. Last year in December we had some girls’ time in Vienna as well, strolling down Kärtner Strasse and wandering around the chatter and laughter in the magical Weihnachtsmarkt. Frankly, spending time with people who look in the same direction and whose cheerfulness becomes instantly yours as well is hard to find and that is why I am so so so grateful to know I have quality time at just a phone call away!

  • Andra Ciorici

    I’ve met Sorina in school. We we’re both in our second year at the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics. Our groups have just been changed and we ended up in the same one. We first saw each other in front of the classroom, we were waiting for our teacher. Her first impression of me was “Oh my god, this girl really talks a lot!”.
    We started hanging out more and more, we did our projects together, we did our homework together, we bonded. One day, after a year or so, we realized how close we were, how much we trust each other and we asked ourselves “How did we ever became friends?”. Neither knew how to respond. It just happened. We didn’t plan for it, we didn’t struggle. She’s my best friend, she’s the one I call if I don’t find my socks or I have problems with my boyfriend. She’s the one I go out with when I receive a raise or when I’m starving. She’s my best friend, and there are no words that could describe this better than I tried above.

    Andra Ciorici

  • RaL Diaconescu

    I met my best friend when she was born…because is my little sister. She’s the only one who gets me and understand me. I know she will allways love me and help me with everyting no mater what.

  • Deea

    I met my best friend in the first grade. Even though we were in different classrooms, we connected immediately during breaks and we kept talking to each other. During years, we went together in camps at the seaside and always felt like we could trust each other no matter what.

    Although the high-school separated us, we kept seeing each other every Saturday and talked hours and hours about boys, love, relationships and other girlie stuff. We used to have sleep night overs and never kept a secret from each other.

    After 17 years of friendship…after we grew together, we cried together, we fall in love together, now we call ourselves ”sis” and we can never imagine a life without the other.

    Email address:

  • Diana

    It was autumn, 6 years ago; it seems unreal how time passes me by. It was a new chapter in my life and I was a little bit scared of the unknown, as any other anxious kid in his/hers very first day of highschool. It was simply the day I met my best friend.
    You know how they say that opposites attract each other? oh, that is so true. I was shy, she was a rebel, but I suppose that was the thing that created a link between us – the curiosity about a different person, a different character. We have come to understand and to know what the other is feeling only by looking at each other. She completes me and I complete her in such a manner that we have come to think and feel alike.
    She is a very special person with a very beautiful and unique perspective on life that make me cherish her even more. She is simply my better half :)..

  • Miruna

    Hi, fab girls! De multe ori folosim formula ‘jumatatea mea’ facand referire la partenerul nostru, dar cred ca jumatatea noastra este acea prietena care e mereu acolo, care ne completeaza zi de zi si ne asculta neconditionat. Mi-am cunoscut cea mai buna prietena in clasa a IX-a, fiind colege, dar ne-am apropiat abia dupa un an, intr-o excursie cu scoala in Franta. Cine spune ca Parisul are ‘acel ceva’ spune bine, pentru ca dupa lungi plimbari pe Champs-Élysées si discutii mi-am dat seama ca nu intamplator mi-a fost dat sa o cunosc, ea este jumatatea mea, cea pe care toti o cautam de-a lungul vietii. Un motiv pentru care imi e cea mai buna prietena nu e suficient, sunt mii si mii, dar pot sigur sa ii multumesc ca o am, ca imi e sprijin si intelepciune in tot ce fac si voi face.

  • DeeaElla

    Sa fiu sincera,cand am citit prima data articolul vostru, nu mi-a trecut prin cap nicio persoana anume cu care mi-as fi dorit sa impart magia bratarilor de la Pandora.Apoi am ramas putin suparata si iritata de faptul ca, desi am prietene apropiate, consider ca nu e acea relatie absoluta de prietenie,lipsita de interes si plina numai de magie,pe care mi-o doresc eu.Dar am continuat sa ma intreb cine e persoana magica ce ma intelege cel mai bine,ma cunoaste cel mai bine,imi da cele mai bune sfaturi si care s-ar bucura fara pic de interes atunci cand ii ofer fie o floare ,fie ceva cu o valoare mult mai autentica cum ar fi aceste bratari minunate.Si mi-am dat seama ca am avut mereu cea mai buna prietena langa mine,inca dinainte sa ma nasc si aceea e Mama.Si acum cu ocazia sarbatorilor va fi momentul perfect sa ii reamintesc cu ajutorul magiei bratarilor de la Pandora, ca ea este my very special half!

  • Oana

    I met my best friend on my first day of college. I was in front of the college and a girl was talking about a subject that she obviously didn’t know very much about, since I knew what it was and she was not even close , and moreover, she was misleading the people around her who listened . I wanted to interrupt her and subtly suggest that she misunderstood what was going on but when I started talking , another girl started talking at the same time with me. And that was not all ! We both started saying the same thing! In that moment we looked at each other and started laughing. After this episode we started talking , we discovered that we were colleagues , surprisingly, we found that we were (and still are) passionate about the same things, that we have similar tastes and these things made us approach. Now we’re best friends and we can count on each other anytime. Furthermore, I can say that she is my blonde-half , as I am a brunette . You know what they say: “Any brunette needs a blonde best friend” . And it looks like I finally found mine !

  • Oana

    I met my best friend on my first day of college. I was in front of the college and a girl was talking about a subject that she obviously didn’t know very much about, since I knew what it was and she was not even close , and moreover, she was misleading the people around her who listened . I wanted to interrupt her and subtly suggest that she misunderstood what was going on but when I started talking , another girl started talking at the same time with me. And that was not all ! We both started saying the same thing! In that moment we looked at each other and started laughing. After this episode we started talking , we discovered that we were colleagues , surprisingly, we found that we were (and still are) passionate about the same things, that we have similar tastes and these things made us approach. Now we’re best friends and we can count on each other anytime. Furthermore, I can say that she is my blonde-half , as I am a brunette . You know what they say: “Any brunette needs a blonde best friend” . And it looks like I finally found mine !

  • Anonymous

    I met my lovely best friend in the first year of college! I don’t know how but I knew we’re going to be best friends! I went straight to her and shook hands. She was thinking ” what’s with this one?!”, but then I was right! We are like sisters…having the same values and dreams …completing each other’s sentence!:)
    Ruxandra S.

  • Desirรจe D'Aloia
  • iuliana

    My soul sister is Alina and our mamas were friends so we met pretty much as soon as we got out of the hospital after being born :)) we’re just inseparable because we’ve been together for like 20 years, we like most of the same things, not all but we both like adventure time, booze, candy, watching horror films, going out for coffee, checking out girls, going to concerts,fantasy boocks, role-playing, we laugh every day and a lot more. We have both our good and bad times. When we fight, in the end we’d always make up, apologizing to one another. I can tell her anything and i feel safe, i feel safe when i’m with her and is my safe haven during sadness and everything! she’s the best!! a part of me…like my special half and i love her!!!

  • Anonymous

    my best friend and i knew each other for almost 20 years. We grew up together in our neighborhood, and we always shared our time everyday. We are the best accomplices, and i know that i have the best shoulder to cry. We know each other dreams and sometimes sadness and i wish the best for her, to always be happy.We might fight sometimes, but we learn to listen, to receive good advises and mature every time together.I did not feel for once that we are not ourselves and always was like she was my best defender. I still promise like then, when we were little that she is and will be forever my best friend. Thank you, for being my BF for life- Didi!!

  • Oana

    I really, really don’t have too many friends cause life gave me lessons to get rid of people who turn the back on me when I most need them.
    I’ve graduated highscool, university and even if i had so many friends on that time and we had lot of parties and good time together, after finishing we went very silent to eatch other…sad that happened.
    But life gave me the best friend from where was less expected, my sister in law to be…and that “to be” turned in “was” right now,cause she got separated from him.
    She is my confident, my sis, we speak about everything.I trust her very much, I can ask her anytime for help, and the most important thing that I appreciate to her: she is not going one step back when I am in trouble. Thank you Simona (sis) for everything you mean to me!

  • Beatrix

    I met my best friend when we were in highschool. In the 9th grade I felt so lost because I didn’t know anybody in my class, not even in the highschool. And then she came to me and started to talk with me and slowly we became good friends. We were classmates for 4 years and in this time she became my best friends not only because we share the same values or because we have similar tastes, but she was there for me in my hardest moments. We laughed, we cried, we did almost everything together. And even if at this point in our lives, we live in different cities, we talk at phone almost every day and we meet every time we have the chance.

  • ioana

    I guess we always knew we were good together. The perfect team; dark hair, mine was lighter; she is acid, I am kinder; a kind of yin and yang.

    We still do foolish stuff sometimes, lest we forget our magnificent youth days. Our own jokes, signes, places, only the time scuttled, they are all right there, stilled but alive.

    We’re not perfect, sometimes we sting, but mostly we laugh out loud. Still there is nothing better than gossip, cinnamon flavoured coffee and the other side of you.

  • Anonymous

    My soul half -best friend i met at the office 7 years where i was working….and since then she was next to me and i was next to her in every moment of his life and my life …she is giving me the best advices every time when i need it ….I love her just the way she is …

    Steriana A.

  • NoBodY

    Un topic foarte interesant, pentru ca starneste atatea amintiri frumoase. Mi-am cunoscut cea mai buna prietena in scoala generala. Ajunsesem sa ma cert cu prietena mea de atunci si sa observ ca nu sunt singura fata care nu are cu cine sa isi petreaca pauzele si timpul liber, ci mai este si Irina. Usor usor ne-am apropiat, am ajuns sa ne cunoastem foarte bine, suntem foarte diferite si totusi ne completam perfect(la fizica, ea stia teoria, eu faceam calculele), si am ramas cele mai bune prietene chiar si acum, dupa 9 ani, desi locuim la 500 km departare. Avem incredibil de multe intamplari frumoase petrecute impreuna, nopti nedormite cand stateam pana dimineata sa povestim, desi vorbeam non-stop zilnic, drame, iubiri, majorate, vacante,tabere, secrete, prin toate am fost alaturi una de cealalta si nimic nu ar putea sa schimbe prietenia noastra.

  • rayenamirrow

    I thought I had a best friend many times during my life, but those friendships all ended up – some even after 13 years – and I thought I needed time away from this idea of a true friend. I believed the legend of what some might call a twin soul that is found in a friend is just a fairy tale. Many ‘best friends’ broke my heart, brought me to ocean of tears, because I gave them more credit than they have ever deserved it. I was always there for them, always the shoulder to cry on, the hugging arms that take the stress away, but when I was hurting, I was left alone with my sorrows. Until, one day, in a time of soul searching, my current best friend touched my spirit as I have touched hers and we are sharing a delightful connection to be treasured mmm like forever, yes, why not? And what do you know, exactly like that saying goes “Every brunette needs a blonde best friend” <3 <3 The day we met, we’ll never forget. The adventures we had, we shall always be grateful for and for every experience that we are going to share. You know, I believe one can find a little bit of that spark of ‘ the best friend vibe’ in some of those persons whom you feel you can connect to and after 20 years you still go out and feel comfortable talking about anything. A best friend is indeed someone you can be comfortable with even in silence. My sister, my BFForeva, if I don’t win the bracelet, I’ll imagine half of it belongs to you because that’s the place you have in my heart. With all the ups and downs we have grown and the journey continues.
    Yours truly, xoxoxo

  • Maria

    My best friend and I couldn’t initially stand each other, but, seven years ago we got to spend some time together forced by the situation that we swam at the same pool and politeness obliged to communicate. We discovered we had so manny things in common, we liked the same music, books, places to hang out, we cried after boys, gossiped about girls. We always took care of each other, even when we were miles away.

    She is the sister I never had! I will forever cherish the wonderful times we had in Paris and Lyon, the parties we had, the late night talks…. Now, I am waiting for her to come from France for Christmas and I am looking forward to becoming her baby boy’s godmother! This will bond us forever, in front of God and the whole world…

  • Bianca Dumitru

    I met her about 5 years ago. couldn’t stand her guts ๐Ÿ™‚ 4 fours ago, on a company trip we were in a very creepy hotel with clowns all over the place. a clown statue, a clown painting, a clown everything. everyone had a single room of their own. we were too scared and decided we would share my single room because it had two beds. that’s how we started. she was and still is very hard to love, but once you start loving her there’s no coming back. should i mention that she is a MAJOR Pandora addict?

  • Anonymous

    Cea mai buna prietena e Cre… am fost colege de banca in liceu si continuam sa ne iubim desi nu ne vedem zilnic… ne simtim aproape si ne simtim ca doua surori. Acum avem 39 de ani… joburi, soti si copii ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Ce minunata surpriza face cu acea “pandora”… chiar cautam zilele trecute pe net cit costa…;( …

  • Anonymous

    As putea sa spun multe despre EA…cand ne-am cunoscut, cum radem impreuna, cat de furtunos ne certam, cat de des ne intelegem din priviri sau cum NU ne asemanam in materie de gusturi la barbati. Si nu e una, sunt sute de povesti cu si despre ea. Nu momentele prin care am trecut impreuna sunt deosebite….sunt doar povestea noastra de viata. Ceea ce e important pentru mine e ceea ce sunt azi SI datorita ei. Am invatat sa fiu mai classy pentru ca ea este exagerat de feminina. Am invatat sa fiu mai pasionala pentru ca ea e o furtuna de sentimente. Am invatat sa fiu mai iertatoare pentru ca ea e cea care da prima telefon atunci cand suntem certate. Am invatat ca poti sa suferi si sa simti ca te rupi de durere si totusi sa iei pe cel de langa tine de mana ca sa simta ca totul va fii bine. Am invatat sa fiu un om mai bun si sa ma bucur de viata mai intens, mai ales ca stiu ca ea o face alaturi de mine. Si STIU sigur ca oricine va intra sau va iesi din viata mea ea este constanta care ma face sa ma simt mandra ca EU sunt prietena ei cea mai buna ! Te iubesc Diu ! :*

  • Oana Erimia

    Me and Angela… we go way back. 20 some years … But I’ve been missing her for a few now, as she’s in a better place, hopefully. But my memories of and with her are priceless, as the first of my own life, that I can remember, are with her. We even grew to look much alike in many ways, including physically. I still have the instinct of picking up the phone and dial her number when I need to share something… good or bad. She was a gorgeous girl, with sparkling eyes and the most unique laugh. If you heard it blind folded, you knew it was her. I am laughing now remembering it.  She was there for me when I didn’t even know I actually needed an advice or a shoulder to cry on. These people are your best friends. Wish I had her next to me for a few more time. But if I could win this bracelet, the lucky charm coming along would be the “ANGELA” lucky charm, the angel guarding me, with me every day. Miss you, beautiful girl!

  • Crina

    “An Anyway Friend is the one person in your life who no matter what they say or do, no matter what they’ve been through with you, they love you anyway. No matter how old you are or your responsibilities, if you have love, real unconditional love, you can make it.” (Sam Bennett-Private practice).
    Every time I read the quote above, my mind instantly flies to the day I met “my better half ”. It was two years ago, during the Public Finances exam when we, naturally, started sharing the answers and also noticed that we were both wearing the same pair of shoes, different colour (Thank God!).Obviously, the next second we felt the need to complement each other on the bright choices we made while choosing our outfits for that day, because we were dressed “ to kill ” the exam, more than to pass it and we totally forgot that we were supposed to write essays and answer questions and started talking about New York Fashion Week (it was that time of the year).The teacher heard us and was pretty upset that our enthusiasm wasn’t coming from discovering a new method to solve the case study on how political decisions can affect the financial system, or something like that, and threatened us with expulsion if we don’t stop chit-chatting “ the Sex and the City style ”, to quote her. So, in our case, our passion for fashion, or the right pair of shoes, to be more explicit, got us together and we discovered that we are more alike that we could’ve thought. We were both that kind of person that can be happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time and we decided to be like that together. Gabi and I have been through a lot over the past years. God is a given, but besides my family, she’s the only other personification of “unconditional love” I have ever known. She has seen my heart full and overflowing, and she has seen my heart running low. My anyway friend knows all the colours that make up the rainbow in my soul, and she doesn’t judge me for any of them. She knows about the dark places, the blacks and blues, the sunny yellows and the quirky made-up ones – those weird collaborations of colour that compose the uniqueness of me. She knows all of my flaws and bouts of craziness and the good and the bad, all about the ugly inside me. But she loves me anyway. So cheers to my anyway friend!

  • Alina Panait

    Best friend?She’ s my sister, my human diary.
    So, we started living our best stories together since 1st grade , when this shy girl moved in in my building, her name – Raluca.You know the type of friendship in which you don’t have to talk every single day, every single week, but when you do it’s as if you’d never stopped talking?This is so us! In the years that went by , we found a quote that suits us the best:
    YOU JUMP, I JUMP , REMEMBER Raluca Manea?

  • Raluca Manea

    Always Alina Panait! And thank you for not letting me do silly things ALONE! Besties 4 ever!

  • Andreea Neacsu

    My best friend :), we met in first grade, two little shy girls in the first raw. We stick together since then, we grow up and we know each other secrets. But first of all we tell each other the truth as painfull it is.

  • Raluca pavaloi

    I’ve met my bestfriend 9 years ago in highschool. Even though we were in different batches, we just clicked from the beginning and discovered that we actually have the most simple and efortless relationship ever. Everything comes naturally. The funny thing is that now we are travelling the world together. So when i read the post about the Pandora jewelleries i instantly remembered her and all the places we’ve seen together. For more than two years we are flight attendants in Dubai and we are the luckies friends ever because we have the chance to discover the world and to make memories together.

  • Linz Austria

    My best friend already posted how we met, and everything she said is very true (it’s weird that clowns brought us together). Why she is my very special half is easy, she is always there when i need her, and she always knows the things to say to make me smile and be happy, even if everything around me is not ok, she loves me and accepts me unconditionally with all my flaws, and i just love her, and always want to be there, for better and worst. She challenges me daily to be a better person and together we learned that if you want something bad enough, you can succeed.

  • Andreea Militaru

    Hello. I met my best friend the first day of Highschool 13 years ago. She had that ugly type of corn-braids hairstyle and a saggy jean overall and I was just as weird with blond and red shades in my hair and all white outfit. The first time we went into our new classroom I took the only seat available all alone and unfortunatelly front row. She did not say anything n joined me. I was thinking OMG im gonna have to find another place this weirdo with her braided hair…we did not talk at all and after the school day was over we found out we were sharing the bus home since we lived one bus station away from each other. From that first bus ride till we finished highschool…we became a two girl operation always together…She was doing my math n science homework and I all the foreign languages and romanian homework. And by the way 4 years kept our seats in the front row ๐Ÿ™‚ Now we r really far away she is in Paris i’m in Bucharest n live totally different lives but we have a special connection…even thousands of km away she senses every time i have a problem n calls me…I do the same. Its a connection beyond coffee every day and she is my soul mate.

  • Anonymous

    Cea mai buna prietena este cea pe care o stii din totdeauna, pe care poti sa o suni mereu si poti sa ii vorbesti despre orice, oricat de personal ar fi, este cea care iti raspunde sincer la orice intrebare si nu este niciodata egoista. Este sora mea, cea care s a bucurat sincer atunci cand am aparut ca o jucarie in viata ei si cea care stiu ca imi va fi pentru totdeauna cea mai buna prietena. Nimic mai dragut decat 2 surori cu bratari Pandora ♥

    Email :

  • Cataa

    How i met my bff? Good question.. It was 16 years ago, we were 3 and i guess we were playing together. Years go by , we grew up , we changed our dolls with cell phones, boys and parties and we were still the same good friends.During middle school we were classmates , we had our own jokes about other mates, it was enough to look in each other eyes and understand what we were thinking. In highschool our friendship grew even more , cause we were in different classes. I was a little dissapointed , i didn’t have ‘ my person ‘ around.. Still during breaks we talked about every little insane and embarasing detail we observ while we were apart. After highschool , after exams we moved in different cities..we talk on phone, we visit each ohter now and then , we skype and text.I know it’s just a matter of distance and growing up, my bff will always be my bff!

  • Corina Cucutianu

    As much as you’d imagine the next story sounding like a cliche, do not fall into the “trap”. Well, that being said, my best friend is my sister. And here is the trick: we are not actually sisters, but cousins. She is five years older than me, and was born in Constanta while I am from Iasi. Unfortunately, she lost her mother and her father soon took off after that. Starting from that moment on, my parents invited her to Iasi every Christmas and summer vacations. My first memories with her are actually from this period of the year: Christmas time. When my parents told me that she comes to visit, I rushed to the Christmas tree to pick up sweets for her, and knocked the tree down, destroying it of course ๐Ÿ˜€
    Well, we bonded incredibly well from our first encounter and fast forward 4 years, and she moved to Iasi, at my place. She is the one who taught me how to read, to write, taught me to tell the hour(loads of funny stories to be told about that. I was a stubborn kiddo) and most of all, taught me to share and bond, and love. I absolutely cannot imagine my life without her.
    We grew more and more together, and time only made us love, trust and understand each other better and better. I am a lucky, lucky girl for I have found my true best friend in a most uncommon manner. Now we are 27 and 32. I cannot imagine life without her, now that I don’t have my parents near me, she is everything I have, and I treasure her like the most wonderful piece of jewelery a soul can wear everyday.

  • familyloveaffair

    I can truly say that my best friend is my soul mate.. I have an amazing husband and a beautiful 7 months son and I love them to the moon and back and I’d do everything for them… but my best friend truly understands me and knows how to take me(just to say that); she knows when I’m mad, happy, disappointed or inlove and knows what to do and what to say… because let’s face it, man are a little different from us, girls, and even if they mean well they don’t always do what we need.
    I met my best friend, Paula in our first day of collage in our room. We, I don’t know how (it was fate, I suppose) we were roommates and so our journey began.. How should I know that she will became my best friend? And look at us now, 7 years later, still loving each other and beeing faithful to our friendship, because, let’s face it, it is hard to mantain a friendship (especially because now we are miles away). We were roommates for 4 years and then, although we’re seeing each other not so often we trust and love each other! I’ve met a lot of persons during the past years but to be frank nobody is like she is. It’s kind like a soulmate; we complete each other, I know what she thinks and she knows what I think, although there are miles between us. When I call her she just know if something is wrong or is right and she just knows what to say (it’s strange even now and I don’t have a good explanation for this, but we truly know what the other person thinks). Not to say that when my hubby proposed she was the first person to call, right after he put the big question! She’s my rock, my everything. She supported me all these years and was patient with be, because, oh my God, I am a very difficult person. I love her so much and We both dream that when we’ll be old we’ll have our houses next to each other and we’ll meet at coffee and maybe watch a movie or just stay on the porch and watch our children play. She’s an amazing person and I’m so lucky to have her in my life!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Fab girls

    I met my best friend in my university years and we are friend till now. We were groupmates. We had unforgettable student life together. We always sat together and had fun of interesting moments. That`s why our teacher gave name to us «Chip N` Dale» and our groupmates named us «synchronous swimming». Now she has got married. And has a son. He is so cute child. After graduation we always try to keep in touch and sometimes to celebrate holidays and family events together. However our friendship is still as in student life.

  • Codri.

    I am lucky enough to have 3 best friends. We were all class mates and knew each other since 5th grade, but it wasn’t until 9th grade that we became very close and started doing everything together. Literally everything.
    We had almost weekly sleepovers at each of us’s homes, and watched horror movies of which we made fun, we ran on the streets of the city in our pajamas, we even graffitied on the walls together. We bought a golden heart charm together that we would swap between us every week, so that each of us would get to wear it, like in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and we are blood sisters, because yes, we did sting our thumbs and put our blood together, as weird as this may sound.
    Now, we are all in different corners of the world, but when we meet at home, for the holidays, it’s as if we’re never been a day apart. We still do silly things together, like driving down the streets at night, blasting loud music and dancing in the car, but we are also serious when it comes to discussing serious matters. And it feels so good to have someone to be so free with, to actually be yourself.
    My life wouldn’t be the same without my wonderful girls. I love them to bits. I wholeheartedly do. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Iza Sasaran

    My best friend and I meet in high school.We had other friends back than but somehow we realised that we belong together. We are sharing our secrets ever since. She is my unwritten diary, she knows me the best and she has a solution for all my problems. Our friendship is amazingly very strong, even if life took us on different paths, she lives in Paris now, and I live in London, and our lives become extremely busy with the university, we always find time for each other. We send each other letters, little gifts and we make surprise trips every now and then because we miss each other too much. But when we both go home for holidays, we are inseparable! She totally deserve a Pandora bracelet because she is amazing and I know she misses me too, so this gift will remind her every day that I am there for her and I will always love her.

    My email address is

  • simona

    My best friend happens to be my cousin, Andreea. We grew up togeder from the childhood memories being at our grandparents house to university hall sharing stories about love and friendship.
    YES, we have a blood link and we look alike a lot too ๐Ÿ˜€ but i think what we have is real. We will always be there for each other! No words can describe the love that i have for her.
    Thank you for bringing me joy with this post!

  • Jorge Barcelรณ
  • Anonymous

    I met my best friend at the gym..she’s the recepcionist, everything started when I saw her Vogue over the counter and asked “oh!! Is that the november edition?!” She reaches over and say..” you wanna see it?” And then I checked it out and went away..but everyday we used to talk about the most randon things..until we started talking about our fears, dreams, plans and hopes..we do almost everything together, go clubbing, shopping or simply sit under a tree and talk ( A LOT)..I thank God everyday for her life..she has taught me so much..taught me to believe in myself and to always be focused on the bigger prize..thanks rock

  • happysoulstorm


    I met my best friend in highscool and we are friends till now. In the final year, we discovered we have a lot of things in common and we could talk for hours. When highschool was over, I left my hometown to go to the university. Sometimes, friendships fade away with the distance, but ours didn’t. I would say it became stronger. She always came visiting, when I was home I was always going out with her and my other highschool friends. We always enjoy going out in new places, and travelling around toghether. Recently, she moved in the city I live now and couldn’t be more excited. She is like a sister to me and I can’t imagine a day passing by without talking to her. Love her!

    P.S. There is another special thing about us. She is Aromanian and I am Tartar.

    I really enjoyed this post, Fab girls!

  • Roxana B.

    I met my best friend in our first year of college. But I got to know her during the last year, when both of us were looking for a new flat to rent and other people willing to share this experience. She came into my life, like an angel comes to those who need him/her the most, and brought out the best in me. And for that my dear one deserves to be called ‘wonderful’ every single day.!

  • Anonymous

    My best friend? I’m not gonna say I remember perfectly the exact day I met my other half. Why? Because I’ve known her since forever (I often take into account the possibility of having been friends in a previous life, too!)
    That’s how it happened: we were like 7-8 years old and we were neighbours, but at this moment I can’t tell why we didn’t know each other. Luckily, we had a mutual friend (I’m gonna call her V.) and, from time to time, we used to hang out in her yard. The funny part is, I was affraid of my best friend to be because, you know how children play with all sort of stuff, so she had this thing like warts on her hands. I still don’t know how I got over it, but probably we were getting along to well to reject each other just because of that. Now, when we are older, we love each other not a bit less, but more and the situation recounted still pops up on our minds and on our lips. We have this thing, when we get angry and argue or, on the other side, when we do crazy stuff, we usually say amoung laughter “Where did I find you like this?” and the answer comes quickly “In V.’s backyard”. We are bestfriends and that says it all!

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to leave my email!

  • Andreea

    I met my bestfriend at the only vintage shop in our town, which is quite unpopular (as almost all the girls are eager to go in the mall). So we found ourselves in the situation of disputing a dress, THE dress as we like it to call it now. After we realised the awkwardness of the moment, we decided to buy it together. That was the begginning of the most complete friendship I will ever know. Excepting the tradition of sharing a dressing, we shared tears, anger and a lot of mutual love. I love her for the numberless times that she picked me up (I know it wasn’t easy) and I’m grateful to her for all the emotional support she has offerred to me, because without it I know I wound’t have accomplished any of my main goals. Even though now she is miles away from me, knowing that I have an other (female) half somewhere keeps me fighting. We found out that the true friendship doesn’t mean everyday calls, but everyday feeling that nothing will ever change. I love you, Doll B! P.S. I will be wearing THE dress and her wedding in August (bridesmaid dress) and I think that this bracelet can be a symbole of the fact that our friendship will remain the same, even though her life will change completely. I can’t believe I am letting her go…

  • Andreea

    *disputing over a dress, sorry! I got emotional.


  • Ada Adaa

    I bought my flat 2 years ago. Last year, before Christmas, i was coming back home from a party when i meta girl in the elevator. We didn’t speak much. She asked about the internet connection when i found out she just moved into our block. Nothing special. End of conversation. One month later i saw the same girl at a party and i was wondering if she really is my neighbor. She saw me too and came immediately to say hi. The next day we drank the morning coffee together when i found out she is from Pitesti ( my birthplace), we went at the same high school, but never saw each other, we had the same group of friends, same taste in almost everything and she bought the flat right next to mine. Since that day, i can’t spend a day without talking with her. Shall i call it destiny? or it was only good luck after spending my entire life searching for someone to complete me ( and i’m not talking about boys)…

  • Ada Adaa

    sorry, i forgot the email:

  • Madalina Bari

    The first thing me and my best friend ever shared was a Barbie doll. Why? Because we have been best friends since kindergarten now, even if, back then, we had no clue about what this relationship is supposed to mean. We just felt it. There was something we had in common. Although, maybe because opposite poles are attracted to each other, after 18 years, we are the same, the same two inseparable faces, a Yin who cannot exist without its Yang. We’ve been to the same kindergarten, same school, same high school, we enjoyed together the most beautiful 18 years anyone could have had, 18 years full of smiles, tears, fights, joy, gifts, letters, late messages, trips, pictures, parties, outfits, projects, white nights, boys, friends, walks, coffees. We planned our birthdays, weddings, families, lives, we’ve been together through bad times and good times, and we supported each other in everything. Since we were 10 years old, we knew that we will both graduate and leave the country to study abroad. Back then, UK was our dream. Now, my dream is fulfilled, but hers is not. She remained home, in our sweet and welcoming country, Romania, for several reasons which stopped her from coming here. She still hopes that someday, maybe in the near future, she could fulfill her lifetime dream. We are still best friends, even if we are 2000 km away from each other, trapped between the walls of the virtual environment. But these obstacles made us built an even stronger friendship. I miss her doll face, with her big green eyes and curly blonde hair, and I really hope to see her soon. And hopefully, together, we will break these ice walls and continue to live our lives together, planning our future as we did before. I love her, but there’s no need to mention it, because she already knows it.
    “She is my friend. She’s my family. My insides. She will be fine because she has to be fine. That’s how important she is to me. ” (Sex and the City)

  • Maria

    You know what is weird, that you don`t really know when I met my real best friend. I had lots of best friends across the years. Growing up with different best friends, who had totally diferent personailities made me who I am today. To be honest, moving to England 2 years ago, proved me who my real best friends are. I came here alone, to study, fo have a degree in Media but also to run away from home, from those friends that we call “best friends”. I never knew the real meaning of those two words. I think is like saying “I love you” to your boyfriend. But, there should always be someone who knows everything about you, without judging you, supporting you even if you are right or wrong, or maybe opening your eyes to show you what`s right or not. I had a friend like that. We clicked from the first day that we met. She is Polish, I am Romanian… we don`t speak the same language (except english) but we managed to get along so well that we can`t stay a day without talking. On the other hand, my so called best friends from home … I can say that there are weeks and we don`t talk. But with my Polish girl, it`s different. You know when someone is trying to be always there for you. I don`t really know about you guys, but for me … she is the best friend. I felt is as soon as i saw her. Without knowing each other (first week of uni), we starting sharing things about us, laughing, gossiping (like all girls do) and so we are nowadays. Even if we are in our final year, and we might get apart from July, we are already trying our best to get a degree and find a decent job in London, so we can still be together. Even is we won`t, we know that what we have .. is something special, something that I wish I could describe it in words, to share it with all of you.


  • Anonymous

    Me and my best friend both have children with special needs! So we both know what each other and our children go through! She’s amazing and she’s there for me through thick or thin and me verse visa.Glad I found her X

  • Anonymous

    Me and my best friend both have children with special needs! So we both know what each other and our children go through! She’s amazing and she’s there for me through thick or thin and me verse visa.Glad I found her X

  • Maria Dinca

    My best friend and I met 11 years ago when we were 9 and 8 yrs old. Our parents were friends and they thought, since we were of close age, we would get along. I don’t think they expected we would get along THIS well.
    Our first encounter was quite awkward and, to this day, we still laugh at our first conversation. We met at a cafe and we were seated next to each other and J had a glass of still water with a slice of lemon in it. So the only thing that went through my teeny-tiny head was to ask her if she liked said water with lemon. My sarcastic 19 year-old self would say: No dumbass, she hates it, that’s why she ordered it. But her 9 year-old self was far nicer than I would be today and she just answered that yes, she did like it. I suppose this is how it started, ever since we haven’t stopped talking. We’re both in the UK now, studying, and even if our lives have taken so many twists and turns we get close by the day. I guess I knew she was my special half ever since we would show up dressed identically without planning it, giving the same gifts to one another and because no matter how far we are from one another and how much time passes by it never feels like we’ve been apart.


  • Anca

    I met my best friend 15 years ago at school. We are best friends since then, we shared this 15 years toghether being deskmates at school, highschool and now at collage and who knows, maybe we will be collegues even at work. I love her very much, she is the sister i never had. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Stefa H.

    I know my best friend since i know myself, she is my cousin. We spent our childhood togeder, our teenage together and next year i’ll be her bridemaid. i can’t wait…
    She’s my special half because we don’t have to talk to each other every day, but she is there when i need her and she knows always what to say.

  • nadia candrea

    hey, girls, you look fabulous! It’s a pleasure to see you both, so elegant and beautiful! You almost get me crazy by your appearance, you’re chic and trendy, you have macarons ๐Ÿ™‚ God, and you were lucky to wear the precious Pandora luxury jewels! I love them and I admire you two for what you are! I met my best friend ever online, this year, in March! She’s a beauty blogger, just like you, and my luck is that she lives near by, so we actually could meet face to face! She’s simply amazing by her nature, modest and friendly, open minded and a devoted mother and wife! So we have many in common, we have kids almost same age and it’s always a pleasure to meet her and to chat for a while ;)Meeting her was a life lesson for me and I enjoy it every day, keeping her close in my life! THANK YOU, :-*

  • Anonymous

    i met my best friend last summer. she would come to my place every summer with her family for vacation but i only got to meet her last year. and the reason was a stupid post on facebook about a frozen yogurt recipe i made. she liked it and commented on my post. then she started texting me to say hi and if i want to hang out w her when she comes for vacation! and thats how it happened. she is a positive person, really popular because of her aura. thats what attracted me to her the first time. and from the very first day we met i can say that we got into each other’s heart. from those first days i talked to her about things i had no chance of talking before. she did the same. and just like that, those 12 days we were together were enough to make us cry like babies the day she had to leave for her home city. after some months we had an argument and we were cold for like 6 months but the day we met again this summer it was as if nothing had happened. i still saw in her my best friend. till this day even if we see each other for 10 days every year we talk openly about everything, we love and care about each other so much and we know what’s in each other’s mind without the need to ask. she is THE most special person i have met these 22 years i live on this planet because we are stars of the same sky. i hope i win this bracelet so that i can give it to her. not that she needs any proof of my love for her. i prove that every day. love you beautiful (Vicky).

  • Anonymous

    I met my best friend at work, almost 5 years ago. She just arrived in the team and was more like “I just needed another job, I don’t want to be too friendly because I have enough friends”. Things changed, we got really close and since end of July me and my husband are besides good friends also the godparents of my best friend and her husband :).

  • DianaP

    Mi-am cunoscut cea mai buna prietena in prima zi cand am ajuns la liceu, mai exact in caminul liceului. Nu cunosteam pe nimeni,nu stiam ce ma asteapta,nu stiam cum sa ma comport. Camera era goala cand am ajuns, insa erau ocupate 2 paturi … mi-am arajat lucrurile si am asteptat ca noile colege sa-si faca aparitia. Am aflat ulterior ca intre toate, doar ea – my BFF- , locuia cam in aceeasi zoana cu mine. Am inceput sa ne cunoastem, sa iesim, sa mergem impreuna acasa si azi, fiind in primul an de facultate, facem acelasi lucru. Nimic nu s-a schimbat , in afara de noi : ne intelegem perfect, gandim la fel, avem gusturi comune in mai toate privintele si inca mergem impreuna in fiecare weekend acasa. Am trait alaturi de ea cea mai frumoasa perioada a vietii mele- liceul ,iar asta ii asigura locul in inima mea pentru totdeauna.
    I love you, Bibi-my BFF . ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Silvia Sipa

    I don’t really remember how we met, but all of a sudden, she was there…
    I come from a small town where everybody knows each other. And still, I had never seen her before. What I remember is my first impression of her. Very boyish, never standing straight, wearing clothes that made her look tougher than she needed to be, always hanging out with boys, thus acting like one. I remember we weren’t close from the beginning. But I also remember that snowy day in March, the day I got my heart broken in so many pieces, I thought I could never put them back together. When you’re 18, heartache is the most terrifying thing that can happen to you.
    I remember walking alone, heading home, hoping I would get there before I would burst into tears. Suddenly someone shouted my name. I turned around, you were running towards me. You said you saw me and thought something was wrong with me, and wanted to say hi and ask me if I was ok. You walked me home, and we ended up talking for hours on the street corner, just so I could find my relief. Since then, you never left my side. You are in almost all my memories, all my adventures, good or bad. As I grew older, life taught me heartbreaks do minimal damage compared to other events. You came to the hospital in the middle of the night when my mother was sick. You held my hand when I heard the diagnosis. You gave me all your lucky charms, but most of all, you gave me a friendship one can only dream of finding during one’s life. We evolved together. You are no longer the unmannered boy I used to know. You grew up to be an independent, fabulous young woman. And so did I .
    We are getting tattooed on our 10th anniversary. We still don’t know when our adventure first began, but it’s not like it will suddenly end. The truth is, we count memories, not years. Right now we’re at : countless.

  • Andreea Sofrone

    I met my best friend in the first day of school. We were just 7 years old and we have been inseparable since then (it’s already been 17 years since that moment). We even share the same names hihi ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know what would I be like without her.

  • Anonymous

    Me and my best friend meet in my university years. She was a friend of my roommate, and she often visited us. And we have noticed that we are alike, but so different in the same time. We like to go shopping together,we like the same thing, shoes, bags, jewelry.. and we advice each other about these “things”. Unfortunately she left the country, but when we talk i know i can relay on her, she will be there if i need her. Even hundreds of km between us, she shine’s whit her large positive thinking.

  • nadia candrea

    hey, fabulous muses to me ๐Ÿ™‚ who won the Pandora bracelet and charm? LOve you :-*

  • Arina Pisicฤƒ

    It’s kind of strange to think how two people can be this close in such short period. I met my new best friend at a random Starbucks. She was siting two tables away from me drinking frappuccino on a cold winter night. I found it amusing cause I am the kind of girl who enjoys ice cream on cold weather. We were both spending our friday night siping our beverages and gazing up on our laptops. Half of my attention was on her eating a massive amount of food. The reason I was out at a friday night chilling at a starbucks rather than go at a party was simply because every once in a while I liked to have a quiet time to myself. But for some odd reason I really wanted to walk right to her and share an….iced latte. Instead I just sat there drinking my hot chocolate. Twenty minutes passed and I was still trying to think of a way to start a conversation. Luckily she started to video chat one of her friends’ and I found my excuse to giving up. My eyes kept meeting hers. I was embarrased and after a while I decided to head back home. I was about leave but decided to walk by her just to give her a final smile. As I was walking by, she said: “Hi!” … /

  • Alexandra

    We`ve met in the fifth grade in a very difficult period for me. I was very short tempered at that time and I used to be very straight with people around me, in a very offensive way. She was my best and only friend at that time and even though meanwhile I`ve changed and now I`m much more delicate concerning people and the truth about people, after 11 years she is still my best friend. She is the one I always run to and she`s always there for me.

  • Laura Stefanescu

    Cea mai buna prietena a mea este sora mea :)Este persoana careia ii impartasesc toate gandurile si emotiile, cea care imi ofera sprijin neconditionat. Cu toate ca locuim in orase diferite, nu exista zi in care sa nu vorbim si sa povestim. Ador diminetile in care bem cafeaua in acelasi timp,acesta fiind un ritual al nostru. Te iubesc sis si iti multumesc <3

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