Christmas Dinner with LOVE

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At the beginning we thought it would be nice to keep everything black&white, cut&edgy, unconventional and minimalist, but in the last minute we have decided to glam up everything this Christmas. Since is the first time we spend holidays together (since we have met five years ago) we agreed this Christmas is more festive than ever! And we know we’re gonna rock it! And because we are two obsessive, meticulous, or let’s just say organized ladies we’ve already took care of everything! So if you need a 5 steps ‘How to get ready for Christmas dinner‘ here you have a complete list…

How to get ready for Christmas:

1. You are the most important. No, you are not a selfish bitch, but how could you make everything look fabulous when your hair is tied up with a scrunchie. So you call your hairstylist (we usually call Alina Cotta – she’s a doll), your make-up artist (we’d recommend Raluca Luca), your nails expert (we usually call Catalina) and then you dress up like a precious princess. We have chosen two red Valentino dresses, some jewelry from Roberto Cavalli and Borealy, but you can play as much as you want with your outfit. Now you’re ready for step 2.

2. We suppose that your house has already been cleaned up, your tree decorated so what’s next. You need some music, baby.  Florence and The Machine – Last Christmas would be an option. We love it! If you you want something more traditional try some Sinatra

3. Now that you are all dressed up and waiting for your guests, all you need is to set up the table. We used a dinner service from My House, all kind of sweets from Rue du Pain (they have an amazing Christmas cake) – as you can obviously see in the photos – and we decorated the house with some funny letters&lollipops from Zoom Decor. Maybe you’re asking yourselves if we have any other options for dinner…Well we have and they’re all personalized recipes. Nothing traditional, but very tasty and italian:)

4. Light up some candles, turn on the TV and play Holiday Inn or White Christmas. Make yourself comfortable in your sofa and read your favorite book. We are now very into A special relationship by Douglas Kennedy and Diana Vreeland Memoir. And just wait for your guests.

5. And the last step and the more important. Starting this Christmas let’s just try to be more kind, more empathic, less judgemental and let’s just try to Love yourself and the others more. It won’t hurt you to make a little change!

Merry Christmas, Ladies!



Foto: Catalin Muntean ,
Hairstyle: Alina Cotta  Make-up: Raluca Luca Location: In Spayer


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