Shopping Hysteria

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Everybody wants their life to be like Diana Vreeland’s or Anna dello Russo’s. Who wouldn’t? You have to admit it! You have to admit you are addicted to fashion and shopping! And because we understand that sometimes this passion for fashion can become pretty uncontrollable and pricey we have some good news ladies. Today along with Patrizia Pepe we talk about the quickest way to get to know a woman – to go shopping with her. Get ready for an absolutely fabulous shopping session and embrace the magic of a dress up game.

We all know the laws of shopping: If you like it, they don’t have it in your size. If you like it and it fits, you can’t afford it. If you like it, it fits and you can afford it, it falls apart the first time you wear it. If the shoe fits, its ugly.

But Patrizia Pepe breaks the laws and every time you go in a PP boutique the world gets better and the day brighter. And no, we are not joking! Just try it! Now you have one more reason to do it and we all call it SALES. From 30% to 50% whether you want a glamorous dress or a fluffy sweater this is the place to be! So run wild, go shopping and stop taking life too seriously.  

Kid around more, lady!We are way too serious sometimes, turning everyday situations into problems, constantly on the lookout to complain about anything and worrying about a bunch of things that simply don’t matter. Life is more FUN when you don’t take it so seriously, so you know what you have to do.

Sometimes there’s only one way to happiness and we call it shopping. This month we recommend you Patrizia Pepe Boutique from Baneasa Shopping City, 1st floor (reservation number 0040.749.263.517). Coats and jackets, dresses and jumpsuits, necklaces and clutches, trousers and jeans, shoes and accesories, here you will find everything you want and everything you need.


1, 2, 3 GO!

Foto: Catalin Muntean ,
Location: ATELIER ANDA ROMAN   – boutique concept store – Grigore Alexandrescu, 42
Hairstyle: Alina Cotta  Make-up: Raluca Luca Outfits: Patrizia Pepe


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