Fatima Val FW 2014/15

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The FW 2014/15 mood proposal is inspired by a fashion concept that has a more literate, lightweight and immediate key. The mood loses austerity in order to make room for the immediacy of the garments, which are extremely versatile and softened by touches of bright colour with an allure sport-concept. Great volumes, cuts and movements are emphasized by the play of material and color. Overused and dosed with researched fabric, which is also taken from the classical Italian tradition of two-toned cashmere.

The sweatshirt becomes conceptual and not foregone as it is revisited with poplin interventions. Coats are presented with inlaid fabric or with fur in extremely modern cuts. The fur becomes a graphic detail for stylish military and sport inspired overcoats. A mix of winter played upon this typical seasons palette include touches of light that generate emotions, breaking the feeling of winter. Metal nuances, colours of bronze, silver and gold; pigments which become Swarovski applications. Thus creating an unusual subject of surreal invention symbolizing a sign of hope. Small amulets appear as decorations on sweatshirts which are created out of a small graphic subject; a symbol of auspicious energy, magic and quirks personifying all human creativity, strength and visionary capacity. Stylish, modern and cosmopolitan, where masculine/feminine stereotypes of dressing are altered in a logical equilibrium of volume as a game of indefinite proportions. A vision of femininity: new and strong.


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  • Su Ho

    It’s beautiful, it really is not the same woman dressed now out of work, and I intend to buy swarovski elements to dress themselves, enhance their charm.

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