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If you are looking for a perfect place to have breakfast or simply just to have a business meeting, Starbucks is more than perfect. When we had 16 years old we used to read Devil wears Prada and dream about becoming the fabulous Miranda Priestly and to receive our venti cappuccino on our desk early in the morning. Now we hardly spend time peacefully in the office, so we choose the easy way. Before a flight, a meeting, a photo shoot or whatever that day has to offer us, we go to Starbucks order a ristretto and a muffin and refuel our engines. You should try it! It works big time!

Foto: Eduard Mariut 
Location: Starbucks Promenada 
Wearing Ottica Muti Sunglasses, Aperlai Shoes, Kenzo Bag, Stripes&Dots Zara Tops,Nicole Enea Velvet Skirt, Asos Jeans, JCREW Necklace, Atelier Eclat Pekin Necklace


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