Friday Shopping Session

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Nothing but spring, happiness and enthusiasm. We’ve been dreaming of walking on the streets wearing only fluid dressed for such a long time and finally the dream came to reality. We can finally say goodbye to heavy jackets and play with spring outfits as much as we want. And since we don’t have so much time to go shopping and dedicate a full day to this so consuming, but marvelous activity, we have decided to reset our schedule and habits and spend some quality time doing what women love most, shopping online. Till now we had some favorites and the list was pretty strict, but now we have a new favorite – Alexia Luxury Shop.

Yes, we know the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online, but if you learn how to do it properly you will never fail. In life everything works according to a plan. An this plan is much easier than it seems. Shopping online gives you the advantages you don’t have if you choose the traditional shopping way. You can shop day&night, the online shop is opened 24/7, you can make price comparisons, you have infinite choices, you can easily find reviews about a product, a brand or simply about the size of a product, you can take your tim, make wishlist and believe us the list continues. We know what you will say. How can we find the right size? Simply check the size chart, then check the size on a similar piece of clothing you already have in your wardrobe and you will find the answer. If you receive your order and if it’s not the good size, you can return it in a second. So don’t be afraid to become an online shopping addict.

As we said we found a new shopping website, a new project which is in a continuous evolution, with really good prices and we absolutely recommend it to you. Just check it out, you might find the perfect spring dress – Alexia Luxury Shop  and don’t forget to LIKE their FB page.





Foto: Ionut Staicu

Foto Editor: Mike Quyen Hair: Petronela Pruteanu
Flowers: Floraria IRIS  Make-up: Alina Scripnic


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