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Rochie mireasa organizare nunti Radisson Hotel

Bride: A woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her. It is said that in every girl’s heart there is a hidden secret, well guarded by her soul. Every woman dreams about her wedding. Some admit it, some don’t, but everyone is looking for a true love story. Today you are invited to our wedding! So what you see is our super fun day. When Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest invited us to be the image of their wedding season we couldn’t say no to a day of fun, emotions, bride dresses, wedding decorations and yes, we’d do it again, but this time for real. Oh yes, this time we admit it. And because we’ve learned some vital things about weddings, we have some tips for you, the real future brides.

Nunta radisson blu hotel fabulous muses

Radisson Blu hotel nunta

nunta radisson blu hotel mirese

radisson blu hotel nunta

radisson blu bucuresti hotel nunta

radisson blu hotel nunta fabulous muses

radisson blu hotel nunta fabulous muses

radisson blu hotel bucuresti nunta

Wedding dress Rochie nunta Organizare nunta fabulous muses

Wedding dress Rochie nunta Organizare nunta fabulous muses

Wedding dress Rochie nunta Organizare nunta fabulous muses

Wedding dress Rochie nunta Organizare nunta fabulous muses

When it comes to weddings, everyone has an opinion and advice to share on the venue, food and entertainment. 

1. Do not leave the important paper work until the last minute! In order to avoid rush it would be recommended to plan the civil ceremony in a different day than the religious one and the party.

2. Choose your location in time and book it with at least a few good months before. When you choose your location think twice. It is a unique event that will worth going for a top location with premium services. Furthermore, a ballroom that already looks glamorous will not require so much investment in decorations.

3. Always think of your guests! Running from one corner of the city to the opposite one will not be very comfortable for your guests. You can avoid all that by choosing a wedding venue for the party that is also close to the church where you will have the religious ceremony.

4. Make use of your wedding coordinator by asking for ideas & tips. Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest works closely with flowers and decorations agencies, etc. So if you need some recommendations don’t hesitate to ask our weddings specialist.

5. The table plans can be a source of a lot of last minute stress so put yours together well in advance! You can ideally start thinking about how you will seat people when sending out your invitations. Try to put your guests’ names in groups of 8 or 10 in an Excel. That way when your RSVP’s come back, you’ll be able to tick them off your list and your table plan will be 90% complete.

6. Use the venue’s own facilities and equipment to make your day extra memorable. You could surprise your guests with a slideshow of all your happy memories with friends and family or include a video of a speech from someone who couldn’t make it to the wedding in person.

7. Make some time between the ceremony and the evening reception for you and your husband to spend five minutes alone together, it gives you both a break and the chance to take a step back and take a mental picture of all your guests enjoying themselves on your special day.

8. The menu tasting is very important in order to have the guarantee that the food will be according to your expectations. Premium locations will always offer you the chance to taste the menu before the actual event.

9. Not only for guests coming to your wedding party from other cities or countries but also for those that would like relax after the party, choosing a ballroom that is in the hotel will be a great option and will save you the trouble of also dealing with accommodation separately.

10.   Finally, take a deep breath, smile, relax and enjoy – it’s your day.

So if you are thinking about Radisson Blu Hotel for your big day you have to know that you’ll have some fabulous discounts. We are sure that you are super curious, but all you have to know right now is that you’ll be spoiled!



Wedding dress Rochie nunta Organizare nunta fabulous muses

Wedding dress Rochie nunta Organizare nunta fabulous muses

Dresses: Nicole Enea Lace Dresses, Maria Lucia Hohan White Silk Dress, Marsay Blue Suit

Location&Decorations: Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest


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  • Ioana

    pot fi domnisoara voastra de onoareeeeeeee? ♥♥♥

  • Irene Buffa
  • Sara Constance

    You two look ravishing ! I love Diana’s masculine look as well !

    best wishes

    Sara Constance

  • Anca Iancu

    Girls, you made me wanna get married for the second time :))))


  • Maricruz

    Such a beautiful post!


  • ada90

    Pozele mele preferate! Sunteti superbe!

  • david allen

    Marry me!! Both of you!! Xxx

  • david allen

    Marry me!! Both of you! Xxx

  • david allen

    Marry me!! Both of you! Xxx

  • Renata Ene E

    Si bijuteriile ? Imi plac cerceii la nebunie ! Swarovski ?

  • Desirèe D'Aloia
  • Giulia

    These pic are amazing!
    Visit my blog if you want dear

  • Nadja

    I love seeing the two of you in those wonderful wedding dresses so much! As my partner says, what can be better than a beautiful bride: two beautiful brides!

  • Anonymous

    Buna fetelor,

    Daca tot ati facut aceasta sesiune foto cu tema “wedding”, de ce nu faceti una si cu pantofi pentru mirese? Am nunta toamna asta si nu am nicio idee…


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