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#SEFIE is a MUST WATCH MOVIE. Why? Because it’s super fun, crazy and colorful and it’s instantly changing your mood. Yasmine, Roxi and Ana run away to the seaside two days before their finals to have the time of their lives and you shouldn’t miss this crazy trip they have! It’s all about adrenaline, falling in love and fun! Perfect for summer, right? NOW IN CINEMAS!

And just for your information…5 tips on taking a good #selfie:

1. Check yourself out Missy! We know you can delete if you don’t like it, but we advice you to be camera ready. Don’t think glamour shots, don’t waste much time on taking this selfie and don’t forget to smile from time to time.

2. Pick your best angle and the best lightning! Angles can do wonders for a #selfie!

3. Be silly! Smile, put a duck face or just pull out a cute face. Silliness gets more likes.

4. Play with filters! It’s pure magic and sometimes, let’s just admit it, we are so tired that we really need a Valencia filter.

5. Check the f* background and take the #selfie like a pro! Perfect surroundings ensure the success of your fab #selfie.

And now take a #selfie and be proud of you, Miss! :))



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