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Stay gold, keep calm & fall in love! With whom? With HTC One (M8) Precious Gold – an incredible smart phone that now comes also in GOLD. Real Gold! In a world of smart phones and gadgets it is quite hard to be called ‘the best’. After we read a couple of reviews about this new ‘jewelry’ we put our hands on it and and we couldn’t take them off. Why?

We like that it is made 90% of metal and it’s pretty resistant. Well the opportunity to test one of its qualities came when we dropped it on the floor while we were taking selfies in order to test the camera. Ooops! We were more than happy to see that it’s perfect! Not even a scratch.

We loved to take photos with this phone and #selfies too! With a 5mp camera a #selfie session in totally needed! What we also love about this phone is that the sound, even at pretty loud volume, is clear and deeper than we ever heard on such a small device. It’s amazing, believe us!

Back to HTC One (real) Precious Gold, that costs 2700€, we have good news? You can WIN one!

If you are a COSMOTE client, now you have to read more about their new campaign ‘Goana dupa Aur‘ – a contest that is going to last till 12nd of August. Just click here and read the terms.

We are totally in love with this fabulous phone that’s all a fashion addict could dream of. If you are not a COSMOTE client, maybe it’s time to connect! It’s GOLD time, ladies!

As you can see we didn’t have the pleasure yet to touch the new gold model, but it was enough to try HTC One (M8) Gunmetal Grey to convince ourselves to recommend you to enter the COSMOTE & HTC CONTEST.


Foto: Quyen Mike
Location: Local Colonial


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