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If you asked us a couple of years ago to pick randomly a destination, we would’ve said modestly Paris. Now as we sit comfortably on our chairs at the office, while our faces are glued to our smartphones while we schedule the next meetings for the spectacular New York, we realize how important is to dream big and to believe in your every single step. Who would’ve thought that wearing a pair of comfortable jeans or wearing a super comfy hoodie will become a real luxury. But now since we can basically wear an Oscar dress wherever we want (because we have the perfect excuse – we do it for the job – Thank God we have it!) and since we’ve been inspired by the last Air France Campaign we said that it is mandatory to make the impossible possible. So…Voila!

We’ve been dreaming about this photo shoot for ages, so we have decided that is the perfect moment to remember our beloved Paris, which we truly miss, almost everyday. So France was in the air, in our hearts and will always have a special place in our lives. And this would be the main reason we felt really close to ‘Air France, France is in the air.‘ campaign.

The truth is that the travel rhythm we live on always fluctuates and sometimes it gets crazy and exhausting, but if there’s anything we wanted in this life with all our heart was to travel the world and to enjoy our work in a really special way that sometimes annoys all our friends and colleagues who are stuck at the office. (Don’t hate us sweethearts, our time will come too! What goes around, comes around, remember?) So travelling will never go out of style for us, especially when we do it with passion, while being inspired by beautiful people and vibrant projects.



Foto: Mike Quyen 

Outfits: Maria Lucia Hohan Dresses, Letlet NY & Zara headbands, Air France Lugagges.


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