At The Palace with H&M

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Hey there sweethearts! How is your summer vacation? Since ours is over and we’re back to the office we were going through the files and we have decided to post the images we shot in Poland, Warsaw, where we have been invited as special guests to a lovely event by H&M. The invitation came out of nowhere in a moment when we simply couldn’t catch up with our projects, but we’ve been more than thrilled to spend three days in the company of such a wonderful team.

We thought that the days dedicated to Warsaw, H&M ‘tours’, dinners, meetings with old friends from Milan and shopping are just enough till our dearest friend invited us in a different dimension of this world – a palace.

One day at this little palace was all that we needed – beautiful people, a presentation of our project (God we’ve been so nervous this time, even if we are quite used to interviews and presentations), photo shoots for every member of H&M team, laughter, a sunny afternoon, amaaaaazing sweets and an incredible vibe. Yes, we wanna put it on repeat, please!

These been said, we hope that you’ll enjoy the last days of August and our next post from tomorrow, which we absolutely adore.



Outfits: Diana: H&M Black Dress & Necklace, Valentino Bracelet, Tom Ford Sunglasses/ Alina: H&M Top & Pants, JCREW Bracelets, Prada Sunglasses


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