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Do you remember our last photo shoot for Morpho? We took the plane between Milan and Paris Fashion Week to go to Chisinau and try their amazing macarons &cakes. But not this time! This time they came to us, in Bucharest, and they are here to stay. Morpho opened their first shop and they are waiting for you to try their goodies.

We adore desserts and we strongly believe that we are a very good and experienced jury when we talk about the flavor and the quality of a cake. And the amazing people that take care of Morpho know how to do their job and how to mesmerize us. We have to admit that we usually are big fans of no sugar/fat free diets, but Morpho is our guilty pleasure.

What you have to know about them? If you need a birthday cake, they make it, if you need a candy bar for your wedding, they take care of it, if you need just a quick sweet snack this is the place to go and if you are looking for a perfect dessert for a romantic dinner, they make the best recommandation!

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