Don’t walk, fly!

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We usually wear high heels beause we always have meetings and shootings, but for this special shoot we received a challenge from MiniPrix – to explore the city with Fly London. We knew the brand for a long time and we knew the quality of the products. Leather goods, very comfortable and pretty cool shapes. So we took the challenge to explore the city and test the shoes. How was it? Great. The boots that we chose are perfect for autumn and winter and they fit our style. As for their slogan “Don’t walk, fly” we proved that it’s real. Voila!

The outfits are also from Mini Prix if you were asking yourself where are they from. During our University time, we used to buy frequently from them. Why? Because it’s a place were you can easily discover treasures at really good prices. All you need is patience to search  and find them. As you can see we found some fab outfits.

Style and sense of fashion it’s not always about high end fashion. It’s about mix and match and about harmony and good taste. Quality is always important that’s why we think that you have to buy your favorite pair Fly London Boots as soon as possible.



Foto: Silvia Postolatiev
Outfits: Mini Prix 
*You can find Mini Prix online but also in Otopeni and Bucharest


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